Why Pressure Points Are Now


“Here Are The NEW ‘NERVE Fighting' Secrets That Now Make
‘Ordinary' Pressure Point Fighting Obsolete!”

Dear Reader,

I am tempted to tell you to throw away everything you've ever learned about pressure points now you’ve arrived at this web-page today.

But that's only half -right…

Because what I'm about to reveal today – whilst it doesn't replace pressure point training altogether (as good as that it) – is possibly THE most powerful discovery we've found here at…for beating even the most-hardened pressure point veteran…for improving your self-defense skill almost overnight...and for flat-out dominating mugger, bullies and other street punks.

You see, what I'm writing about there today is all about taking pressure points to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL – and it is quite frankly something that few people will ever get to know about. Safe to say…once you learn how to do this for will be able to control a ‘bad guy' as easily as you control a pussy-cat right now.

What is this GAME-CHANGING concept in martial arts?


You see, as good as pressure points are, nerve fighting is better. In fact, attacking the nervous system is one of the most sure-fire ways of stopping ANYONE who dares come near you. Yet very few martial arts actually teach this ‘nerve’ stuff. Most don’t have a clue it EVEN EXISTS!
And best of all…

  • Anyone can use these ‘NERVE’ game-changing secrets – it doesn't matter how old, big or weak you are. If you defend using the attacker’s nervous system against them, you don’t need size or strength!
  • It doesn't matter if you've never trained before – you see, it’s simple to learn…meaning you can learn this material, and have the kind of power that few black-belts even have – almost overnight!

So what we’ve done here at is setup a special deal where you can learn more about using ‘Nerve Self-Defence’ to overcome any matter how big and mean they are.

You can use it too. To learn exactly how and to get free information on these ‘nerve secrets’ for yourself, just enter your name and email in the boxes below and we’ll send you the complete run-down on our Number One Preferred Self-Defense System - in the next five minutes!


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