A sick heart needs exercise

A sick heart needs exercise

Wednesday evening shortly before 7 p.M., venue triple gymnasium. Quiet chat in the changing room. Before going to the gym, blood pressure and pulse are measured and precisely recorded. "Well, how's it going?" or "what's new with you?", I have to ask the men and women various questions. This is not just small talk. Because in the coronary sports group in neudrossenfeld, people are interested in each other and in their health.
Erich kraub is 74. He received an artificial heart valve a good ten years ago. About a year later, he decided to join the group offered by TSV. " i'm with you because it's a good thing. I also gladly accept help. I often measure the blood pressure and pulse, which must be done very conscientiously." with a smile, kraub adds that he had to pay for the sports program himself, but fortunately his health insurance company covered the costs."

Better than medication

Once you have heart disease, exercise or regular movement is often better than exclusive drug treatment or high-tech therapy. The lifestyle has to change, the patient has to work on his own recovery. Then the well-being improves, feelings of anxiety or depression caused by the disease are reduced or can disappear altogether.
The men and women who meet weekly do not do so purely as a pastime. Renate zapf suffered a heart attack in the fall of 2010. "After rehab, I joined the group in spring 2011 because my health insurance company recommended it. I want to do light sport, and it does me good. This is the most important."
The TSV is the sponsor and organizer of the weekly exercise classes. The group was founded in march 2001 by doctor franz klatt, who also supervises the participants. His colleague helmut schulte from altenplos supported the idea from the beginning. "A doctor must always be present during the training sessions. In emergencies, he can provide immediate help", according to schulte, who acts as medical exercise instructor and contact person.
But also the gymnastic exercise leader gerlinde kraus and the approximately 20 active members of the sports group have been trained fundamentally on the emergency equipment. "The people who exercise here after heart surgery or because of a coronary disease need optimal security. In addition, the doctor can determine the dosage of the sporting performance on the spot. Last but not least, i do the gymnastics myself," explains helmut schulte, explains helmut schulte, who is always considerate of his proteges' limitations – such as artificial joints, arthrosis or spinal damage.

It never gets boring

But when it starts at 7 p.M., gerlinde kraus, who has been specially trained in coronary sports, is the main person in charge. She demonstrates the exercises, which are guaranteed never to be boring. First 15 minutes of arm training, then partner exercises and group games, dosed endurance training. But no one comes here without a puff. Every muscle is used. "And one, and two, and three, and four, and again bend and stretch. Now from the other side. Now slowly turn to the left and back to the right." gerlinde kraus, who always attends further training courses to keep up to date, gives calm but firm instructions.
Now the tense parts of the body become loose. Some of the participants may feel a twinge, but they laugh and have fun.
Mental training and relaxation round off the program, for which balls, thera-bands, sandbags, tires, rubber rings or mats are needed. 80 minutes have passed in the blink of an eye. Then many say:" see you next week."
The lessons also offer instructions for various repetitions at home, so that everyone can maintain or improve their performance. For many people, it's helpful to have contact with others with the same or similar illness, even if it's not a support group. Small hikes in the summer, sometimes a cosy get-together and training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation are also part of the program. For late summer this year even a short hiking trip to the rhon is planned.

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