And always smiling despite the tension

This time the rough stage of the dance sport stood in sand. For the first time, the culture and sports hall in the basket maker's community was the venue for a dance sport tournament of the german guard and exhibition dance sport. 200 solo dancers and also some dancers came from all over germany to show their skills at the dance sport department of the TV sand as organizer.

For the spectators, perhaps somewhat unfamiliar, strict rules prevailed in the sander hall. The audience was only allowed to leave their seats during the breaks between the dances, so that the judges had an unrestricted view of what was happening on the stage.

With their trained eye, the jury saw every little thing that was not in conformity with the rules in the solo dances. Not obvious to the average viewer, seconds of misconduct could be enough to get a point deduction.

The scores

Each of the five judges gave a score on a scale of 1 to 100. Not counting the best and the worst result, the three remaining scores gave the total result, which was then mostly between 210 and 280.

Local hero lisa-marie sarre from uchenhofen, who has been an enthusiastic member of the dance department of TV sand for almost 15 years, speaks from her own experience about the difficult task of an adjudicator. The 19-year-old has completed her own training and often sits on the jury at other tournaments.

"Always a friendly smile on the lips, without exaggerated facial expressions, that is just as important as the rest of the dance performance", says the student, who last year was crowned youth athlete of the district of habberge. For nine years she has dedicated herself to solo dancing and practices regularly with her trainer, TV chairwoman anita spanu. Both of them also train the dance group "chillies".

Only two small mistakes

At her home game in sand, it didn't quite work out for sarre during her dance performance. In the qualification 2 she reached in the category "main-garde solo" but still the second place with 250 points. Two small mistakes in their "france-medley" prevented her from receiving six points more and thus being allowed to stand at the top of the winner's podium.

Of course, all the fuss also played a major role for the sander dancers. If the dances themselves are exhausting enough, all participants had to help with the set-up and the organization as well. There you are more drained from the start than at tournaments in a foreign city, where you are not the organizer yourself. Together with the two main organizers cornelia sarre and siggi weinmann, countless helpers had provided a suitable setting for the event. A supervisor from hesse praised the perfect organization in sand, which was by no means a matter of course.

Long rehearsals for the performance

"The feeling itself is of course much better at home than at competitions", said jana weinmann, who placed sixth in the same group as sarre. After the strenuous rehearsals with her coach sonja schnellbacher, which can take up to half a year until a new dance is ready, it is a great pleasure to be cheered on by the countless fans at home, says the 19-year-old. In 2006, the native sander, who has a police training ahead of her, started dancing, and is also the coach of the zappel-kids, a group of the youngest in the department.

The first time in the main class competed lydia voll. The 17-year-old from habfurt has been dancing with TV sand for more than ten years and was in the youth class until last season. Her coach is sandra hummer. Now with the "rough" the future high school graduate reached fourth place with 246 points. With rosa schneider and elisa bergerhoff in the youth class as well as antonia bergmann and lilli kretzer there were also other talents of the sander tanzsportgruppe represented at the tournament.

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