But ghost tour in france?

Proposals had to be made, he said. On tuesday, prime minister edouard philippe had said in a speech to the national assembly that large-scale events with more than 5,000 people could not be held before september. The tour of france was only postponed on 15. April by two months back and should now be from 29. August until 20. September could be held. However, philippe did not make any explicit reference to cycling in his comments. However, the restrictions could also be carried out over 1. September be extended.

This also brings back into view the scenario of a so-called ghost tour, which tourchef christian prudhomme had actually rejected. The ASO has experience with this, already at the round trip paris-nice in march spectators were not allowed in the start and finish area. The preparatory race criterium du dauphine in august, also organized by ASO, could also serve as a test run for the tour of france.

New start for eltmann's traditional house

"Think it over", her mother always said, but for sandra aumuller the decision was made five years ago: "i'm taking over the wallburg". The hotel and inn thus remained in the family and found a new lease of life, because sandra aumuller obviously has the "host gene", that certain something without which one is lost in gastronomy.

Many guesthouses and pubs change tenants every few years, and more and more of them are permanently vacant – also in eltmann. A few houses, however, have uninterrupted influx, whether it is festive season or economic crisis. What is the reason? Sandra aumuller cradles her head: "guests must feel comfortable and welcome". In order to have this feeling, the host must also have a special charisma.

Pfullendorf: soldiers break off training course in icy cold weather

Twelve of 36 participants in a four-day training course dropped out for various reasons, an army spokesman said saturday. Previously, the "sudwest presse" had reported.

According to the speaker, one of the participants developed health problems and was temporarily examined in a hospital. At the time in question it was minus 9 degrees celsius. The soldier had stated before the exercise that she had taken antibiotics, but that she felt fit to take part in the course.

sometimes modern, sometimes traditional

Once again, the city youth band of kulmbach and the rugendorf village music ensured a full house at their joint spring concert. The two orchestras presented the friends of brass music in weisath’s feststadl in zettlitz with acoustic delicacies – somewhat more modern for the youth, more traditional for the village music.

The work of harald streit is worthy of recognition, who with the youth band is a perpetual "construction site" ahead of him. Everything is in flux: the older ones leave, the younger ones follow suit. For the city youth band, the concert in zettlitz was also the dress rehearsal for the next competition on 25 may. May. Two not at all easy pieces will be played by the kulmbachers there: "the new village, a concertante painting about a holland village, with many tempo changes, which therefore demands clean intonation. In addition, a "new baroque suite", which is reminiscent of baroque orchestra suites and sometimes comes across as a bit ostentatious, in the slow movement strongly reminiscent of bach’s "air" recalls and in the third movement a fugue and a double fugue spins on in a rather swinging way.

Federal employment agency closes jobs

The german federal employment agency (BA) has closed or merged 54 offices over the past ten years.

Nine new business positions have been created. This is the result of a response from the agency to a question from the labor market policy spokeswoman of the left-wing parliamentary group, sabine zimmermann, which was made available to the deutsche presse-agentur. During the mergers, the service offering was transferred to the next main agency and concentrated there.

The celebrations for the 150th anniversary. Church jubilee room of the parish church st. Thomas also arrived at the education center (biz). The kindergarten in wallenfels is under the protection of st. Joseph, which also gave it the name "kindergarten st. Joseph". Josef" has given. And that is why, on the day of commemoration of st. Joseph, it was written. Joseph all under the sign of this great saint. Together with their teachers and father jan poja, the children buried the numerous guests at the education center (biz) to celebrate the devotion with them. "It's just great that you're here" sounded bright children's voices through the room. Father jan poja asked the children if they knew who saint joseph was. And the preschoolers were quick with their answers. "Joseph was a carpenter", "he was the husband of mary" and "he protected his wife and son from many dangers", that came like a shot from a pistol. After the daily prayer the melody of "he holds the whole world in his hand" sounded, however, the children had rehearsed a new text "you were a good father – thank you". In his sermon, father jan referred in particular to the popularity of the name joseph in earlier times and said that it was a pity that this name was increasingly being forgotten.

After the song "god's love is so wonderful", the kindergarten team, led by susanne zanker, offered the prayers of the fours and prayed especially for the children, the parents and for all those who are not doing so well. The children and adults showed unity during the common "our father" and held each other's hands. Before the blessing by father jan, eva-maria seiboth-muller, chairwoman of the parents' council, thanked the children, the team and the priest for organizing the service. She cordially invited all guests to a small snack.

The institute of geo and nuclear science took advantage of a morning clearing for a flyover. "Active steam holes could be seen at a new crater below the higher te-mari crater," volcanologist michael rosenberg later reported on the website. "The seismic activity was low, but that doesn’t say anything about prediction of further eruptions."

During the eruption on tuesday night, heavy rolled chunks with a diameter of up to one meter were thrown into the air. These were old lava chunks that left small craters on impact, rosenberg reported. They flew up to two kilometers. One of them damaged an empty hiking hat. A shower of ash fell in the surrounding area. "The eruption did not release a mud flow," rosenberg said. The ash cloud was 375 square kilometers in size and impeded air traffic. Rosenberg also observed boulders that had loosened above the crater. "This is a sign that the ground shook violently during the eruption."

Dahlmeier brings home relay victory - manner second

Laura dahlmeier could finally laugh again. Together with vanessa hinz, franziska hildebrand and maren hammerschmidt, the seven-time world champion was allowed to climb onto the podium at the biathlon world cup in hochfilzen after all.

In front of 10,900 spectators, the final skier brought home the sixth relay victory in a row and the first success of the season, ahead of olympic champions ukraine and france. Germany’s biathlon queen was enthusiastically embraced by her teammates at the finish line.

A sick heart needs exercise

Wednesday evening shortly before 7 p.M., venue triple gymnasium. Quiet chat in the changing room. Before going to the gym, blood pressure and pulse are measured and precisely recorded. "Well, how's it going?" or "what's new with you?", I have to ask the men and women various questions. This is not just small talk. Because in the coronary sports group in neudrossenfeld, people are interested in each other and in their health.
Erich kraub is 74. He received an artificial heart valve a good ten years ago. About a year later, he decided to join the group offered by TSV. " i'm with you because it's a good thing. I also gladly accept help. I often measure the blood pressure and pulse, which must be done very conscientiously." with a smile, kraub adds that he had to pay for the sports program himself, but fortunately his health insurance company covered the costs."

Better than medication

Burgermeister against power grid expansion

Charlotte wittnebel-schmitz our modern lives don’t work without electricity: technical devices don’t run, the light bulb stays dark and a large number of everyday tasks are not possible. Under the impact of the reactor disaster in fukushima, the federal government made a U-turn in energy policy in 2011: away from nuclear power and toward renewable energies. There is a huge 89 percent support among the population for this, as the annual study by the agency for renewable energies (AEE) last showed in october 2019. But the energy turnaround has consequences: "the grid is not equipped to meet this challenge", says axel puttkammer, project manager for the P43 at tennet. Energy from wind power or photovoltaics brings fluctuations in electricity generation, depending on whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. With the phasing out of nuclear energy and coal, constant energy suppliers have disappeared. The main focus of eco-electricity generation is in northern and eastern germany. There is a considerable need for imports to southern germany.

Course of the planned power line

Tennet is therefore planning an alternating current line, the "fulda-main line" (P43). It is to run from mecklar (hesse) via dipperz (hesse) to bergrheinfeld in the district of schweinfurt.