"Fools hurry, wise men wait and wise men go into the garden", quoted chairman heike linz, the indian poet tagore, at her funeral for the annual general meeting of the horticultural association feulersdorf. Further she said: "we here in the country have the luxury of simply going out and pulling the carrot out of the ground. We should also take advantage of this."

The district chairman of the kulmbach gardening associations, gunter reif, emphasized that gardening has experienced a revival in recent years, not least as a result of social currents such as "save the bees" and "fridays for future. "The knowledge of the interrelationships in nature has been preserved in the villages", he said and appealed to all grandparents to pass on the old knowledge to their grandchildren. He himself set a good example and explained in his lecture entitled "was bluht denn da am wegesrand" ("what is bleeding on the wayside"), in the past, goose flowers were not only used to weave wreaths, but were also important medicinal plants whose buds were mixed into salads. In the absence of subliquors, he said, he himself had sucked the blood from dead nettles as a child: "those were our gumdrops".

Spring is usually the time of the year for vocational orientation events, placement of apprenticeship places and application processes in the companies. But this year, the topic of training and applying for an apprenticeship has taken a back seat for many school leavers. Another factor is added: because many companies are driving on sight or even fighting for survival due to economic uncertainties, training has been partially reduced. The insurance and finance sector stands out positively here with an eight percent increase in apprenticeships.

Training secures skilled workers

IHK president friedrich herdan knows many good reasons for keeping up the commitment to training, especially in the current difficult situation: dual vocational training is the best personnel recruiting instrument. In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, those who provide training have the security of being able to draw on suitable junior staff who are precisely qualified to meet the respective company requirements. "Even though our companies are currently struggling with a lack of orders, short-time work and liquidity bottlenecks, we will be dependent on skilled workers in the future, all the more so to be able to get off to a strong start following the crisis. I therefore appeal to our companies to create apprenticeships and take on trainees, not least in order to be able to react quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the world of work and professions, because the trainees are taught the appropriate skills for this."

The second-league team promotes its own young talent

The school SAG tournament kicked off at the coburg angerhalle. At the same time the 5. Until 7. Classes of the partner schools of the HSC 2000 coburg in the spotlight. The tournaments of the elementary school will be held in january of this year.
At 8 a.M., the teams of the alexandrinum and ernestinum high schools and the heinrich-schaumberger school were already full of energy in front of the doors of the angerhalle. The sporting activity compared to the daily school routine was obviously a welcome change for the students, who were all looking forward to a sporting highlight at the end of the year.
After each participant of the tournament received a t-shirt, which was made possible by the support of the VR-bank coburg, it went already on the playing field. There, HSC youth coordinator martin rohrig was waiting to open the tournament. He then also took over the joint auarmen, before the first meetings took place.
The tournament was played in a simplified form of handball called "power handball" is called. Four teams compete against each other in a rotating rhythm and try to score a point with the help of a bouncer against the wall of the hall.
Once this is done, it will be changed with the already waiting team. It also happened that they had to play against each other within a class, as each school had several teams. For a change, during the breaks in the game there was the opportunity to go through a sensory course on the subject of nutrition. This was provided and supervised by the AOK coburg.
The focus of the tournament was the spab and the opportunity to compete with other schools and school. The things learned in the weekly SAG units were put into practice.
In total, the 1. School-SAG-tournament very well received by the participants, which is a good basis for a renewed execution. The event was a complete success for the HSC 2000 coburg and the participating schools, which can increase the attractiveness of their school profile through this cooperation.
Some young people play with the idea to deal more with the subject of handball, so that, for example, on the same evening, the first training visit of an "alex"-schoolmaster took place. 

Martin’s day – that means lights, lanterns, songs and shining children’s eyes in candlelight. This year everything is different. Corona has cut a dash through many calculations. But the teachers in kindergarten st. St. Mary’s in steinwiesen did not want to simply accept this.

And so a “st was born.-martinsfest light. With a “small move, st.-martins play and martins songs. Without music, but from many children’s throats from small to preschool age sounded the traditional songs.

Already for the fifth time the circus project under the direction of marcus kohne of the "centrum mikado" takes place at the elementary school adelsdorf from weinheim instead. 133 students from all second and third grades trained every morning this week in the aischgrund hall. "They don’t just get a taste of the circus air, they dive deep into the circus world", gabi monius, principal and main organizer of this project, tells in a press release of the school.
After trying out the requisites such as plate spinning, juggling, ball rolling, unicycling and much more, the children decide on a requisite and, highly motivated, rehearse their numbers for the rough performance on friday afternoon. It demands the utmost concentration and stamina from the children. "You can experience yourself in a new way and gain new experiences", female gabi monius from the experience of the last times. Every day, up to 24 parents and relatives help out, some of whom have taken extra vacation time.
On friday, 22. June, up to 700 spectators are expected to marvel at the little artists. The event will take place from 5 p.M. To 7 p.M. In the aischgrundhalle in adelsdorf. Admission is free. Donations will be gladly accepted. The parents’ council offers pretzels and pancakes for sale before the performance.

Beautiful, old and steeped in history – that's the railroad station in furth. The magnificent reception building from the 19th century. Century has long time nevertheless nobody want to have. Now the bahn AG has obviously found a buyer for the central but useless building.

Around the town hall, the further are happy that the years of standstill are now probably finally soon ended. The city's economic advisor, horst muller (CSU), recently informed the city council about the pending sale. The ink under the contract is not yet dry, however. The deal will probably not be made public officially until after the summer vacations. The buyer is said to be a regional investor from furth who has already had experience with the revitalization of listed buildings. Horst muller won't reveal the name of the buyer until autumn, when the sale is official.