Cyclists have to take a detour on the herzo base

Cyclists have to take a detour on the herzo base

Let’s be honest. Not many cyclists or fubgangers will want to take to the muddy tracks at herzo base voluntarily. They are not allowed anymore, because from now on there is a ban on entering the walking paths, which are very popular in summer. The roads are needed by the construction vehicles and excavators that will be used to develop the new residential area. And these heavy hazards leave deep tracks on the ground softened by the rain. Probably only weather-beaten mountain bikers had their joy in moving there.

At an on-site meeting with the press, mayor german hacker (SPD) and his head of construction gerhard merkel drew attention to the ban. For safety reasons, no more pedestrian and bicycle traffic can be allowed on the unpaved connecting roads in the construction area, a press release states. This applies in particular to the road between the traffic circle at the adidas outlet and the fub and cycle path along the "zum flughafen" road (ERH 3). But also side connections, for example directly into the residential area, are closed from now on.

It is probably mainly the residents of the existing residential area on the herzo base who will have to take detours for the next few months. The detour route is signposted and leads from the above-mentioned traffic circle via the footpath and cycle path along the ERH 25 road first to the north in the direction of haundorf. Then turn left (west) over the makeshift parking lot of adidas in the direction of the novina hotel and continue over the eastern olympiaring onto the walking and biking path on the street "zum flughafen" (ERH 3). The course of the route is signposted by yellow signs.

The ban must in no way be considered as harassment but is unavoidable for safety reasons. This was made clear by hacker and merkel. Violations have already been pointed out by excavator drivers. This is absolutely dangerous. The number of cyclists has already decreased according to merkel. But so far this was probably mainly due to the bad weather and the muddy ground. The ban also applies on weekends or during periods when there is no construction traffic. "That is nevertheless a building site", says the head of the building authority. There are potholes and other danger spots there. "No one has lost anything." for safety reasons, according to the press release, the closure with the signposted detour must therefore remain in place for the construction period as a whole. And it lasts at least three quarters of a year on the roads.

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