Furth: “little eyesore” – what’s next for furth’s old train station??

Beautiful, old and steeped in history – that's the railroad station in furth. The magnificent reception building from the 19th century. Century has long time nevertheless nobody want to have. Now the bahn AG has obviously found a buyer for the central but useless building.

Around the town hall, the further are happy that the years of standstill are now probably finally soon ended. The city's economic advisor, horst muller (CSU), recently informed the city council about the pending sale. The ink under the contract is not yet dry, however. The deal will probably not be made public officially until after the summer vacations. The buyer is said to be a regional investor from furth who has already had experience with the revitalization of listed buildings. Horst muller won't reveal the name of the buyer until autumn, when the sale is official.

What will happen to the "little eyesore"??

More important to the economic advisor of the city of furth is the fact that the historic wall with the moonlike central risalit is now coming under the hammer at all. "I am extremely happy that the railroad is selling the station in furth at all", explains muller. The railroad let the station fall into disrepair for years. Muller is happy that the "little eyesore" has become a "little school" in up-and-coming furth could soon be a thing of the past.

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for a long time no one was interested in the reception building in the heart of the cloverleaf city. The city itself has also declined and has not made use of its right of first refusal in recent years. The further grunen had demanded in vain that the city itself should strike and make a great youth center out of the old reception building.

According to muller, the city's economic advisor, the city had only made use of its right of first refusal when locusts and financial sharks had courted the station as a speculative object. This danger has obviously not existed. Muller speaks of a "desired investor", who should now get the nod. Muller is sure that the renovation and revitalization of the dilapidated station will be carried out in coordination with the city. The purchase price for the station is expected to be around five million euros.

Five investors – only one bidder

According to media reports, five investors are said to have recently been interested in the station. Because the railroad obviously wanted to drive up the price for the filetstuck in the heart of the kleeblattstadt, there was to be a second round in the bidding process for the historic property from the 19th century in the winter of last year. The railway stations of the twentieth century have been revitalized. In the past few years, the german railroad has put up for sale more than 80 station buildings in the free state that are no longer needed for today's railroad operations with their ticket vending machines.

The explanation was that the magnificent buildings could no longer be operated economically by the railroad. Today, the former state-owned company points to positive examples of the revitalization of old railroad stations. After the sale, a restaurant, for example, moved into the reception building in baunach. In kochel am see, the municipality housed a tourism office.

Reopening is still in the stars

And in furth? The city was also happy to move into the rebuilt station with the tourist information office as a new tenant. The railroad also wants to continue to be present with a customer center. Economic advisor muller emphasizes, however, that the investor must attract additional tenants so that the purchase price and renovation costs will eventually pay for themselves.

The people of furth are happy that something is finally happening at the train station. According to oberburg mayor thomas jung (SPD), time was pressing for quick decisions due to the poor state of the building industry. When the work will begin or the renovated train station will be reopened is still in the stars today. Muller hopes that in three years the new station can already be opened. So that the train station in the arrival city of the first german railroad becomes a billboard again.


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