Inauguration of the new pastoral assistant in marktbreit

During the sunday service in the st. Ludwig church in marktbreit hosted the inauguration of the new pastoral officer of the catholic parish of marktbreit, klaus schmalzl. After a vacancy of almost a year, the pastoral team is now complete again, according to pastor adam possmayer.

Klaus schmalzl, born in 1960 and living in kleinochsenfurt, is a catholic theologian, married and father of three adult children. The focus of his work will be on family ministry, religious education at the elementary school, confirmation preparation and the organization of church services.

People with rough edges

"It’s a little bit like coming home" said klaus schmalzl, who was born in marktbreit, spent his childhood and youth here, and was drawn far away after graduating from high school. He expressed his joy about how he was received in marktbreit and about the many encounters with people, also from the evangelical sister church. He was impressed by the large number of volunteers in marktbreit and the eight associated municipalities, whose commitment could not be measured in gold. Then the new pastoral advisor asked for good guidance during his ministry and concluded with the words: "I am a human being with corners and edges and boundaries". Please accept me as this."

What the people of marktbreit can expect in the future in terms of commitment and passion from the new pastoral advisor was already foreshadowed last october, when he attended a service in marktbreit for the first time and got to talk to the congregation. This is how mayor martina michel and pastor adam possmayer were happy to have found someone with roots in the market for the position of pastoral counselor.

Klaus schmalzl also set some refreshing accents during his introductory service. The "amen after his sermon he staged an a capella version in the form of a gospel choir singing the church song "ehre sei gott in der hoh’" and during the closing song "praise and glorify" by hans sollner, he himself took up the strings; for this performance there was loud applause from the visitors. He conducted the friedensgrub in the form of a canon by dividing the church congregation into two halves without further ado.

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