Milestone for the defense

"I have completed my service and, with my 139690 kilometers, I am getting a successor after 38 years", the decommissioned transporter of the ahorner fire department could have said.

This successor is a brand new transporter for the fire department work. It was presented and inaugurated with great fanfare (tent operation, church service, schorkendorf musicians and numerous guests) at the fire department grounds. The consecration was performed by the two deacons franz K. Schon and michael reubel, which they presented under the bible verse from galatians: "one bears the other's burden."

Mayor martin finzel (no party affiliation) did not want to miss the opportunity to express his joy that the members of the team had worked thousands of hours to build the vehicle and had proven themselves as a team. The purchase, worth 40 000 euros, was made possible by the fire department association, donations from the population of over 8000 euros and the support of the car dealership weberpals. The community, according to finzel, was not left out either. They received a grant of 4750 euros for the purchase and for the equipment.

New fire truck planned

He also announced the acquisition of a new fire truck. The municipal council has already given the go-ahead for this, the preparations for the invitation to tender are already underway, and the purchase is planned for 2021 and included in the corresponding investment plan of the municipality.

Another major investment in fire protection is the construction of a new fire station in schorkendorf-eicha. The local fire brigade was presented with a thermal imaging camera worth 5300 euros. Besides a new complete protection equipment for 32 respirator carriers, new protection jackets, – pants, – hoods, gloves, helmets and helmet lamps for the task forces in front for 46 100 euro with a demand of only 2400 euro were already bought. "All these investments are important for fire protection in our community and for the safety of all of us in the event of an emergency", summed up the mayor. For district fire chief manfred lorenz, fire departments are currently at a crossroads. That's why people should learn to deal with it and stand together. District fire chief jannic christ presented commandant timo schulz with a functional vest as a gift. For the fire department from irding, which had come all the way from styria, this was a memorable day in ahorn, as their commander michael plank liked to know. For the thuringian fire brigade from sachsenbrunn christian glauner emphasized the well functioning friendship with ahorn.

Martinshorn as a farewell

The trombone choir from ahorn provided the musical accompaniment to the ceremony. The somewhat peculiar martinshorn of the old vehicle loved association chairman frank haug again to revive with the words: "we will miss this in the district." in the end, in front of a large number of firefighters and guests, the commander timo schulz could only thank the firefighters' association, the donors, the municipality and the weberpals company. 

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