Mrs. Herbst wants to see the leaves fall

It was and still is a widely noted feat of the litzendorf community council to have erased 20 hectares of land from the previous urban land use plan when updating the flat land use plan. For the motto "interior densification instead of building in the area of the city center" litzendorf received much praise and recognition from higher authorities and from professional circles.
A native of melkendorf, however, is almost deafened to death: for 13 years, karolin herbst has lived in her house on the outskirts of melkendorf. The area is called "hahnbergblick".
And she is probably the only one to be faced with a building complex in the direction of the aubenbereich – on a parcel of land measuring over 1200 square meters from parcel number 305 of the gemarkung melkendorf, which has been specially included in the new land use plan. Karolin herbst speaks of a "palace, the son of a couple who moved to melkendorf years ago wanted to build on the slightly sloping plot of land.
The municipal consent to the building application has been granted in the meantime. Research revealed that with all the rigorous deletions of farmland in the fields of all parts of litzendorf, this one plot was newly included in the land use plan – by a unanimous decision of the community council and with the blessing of the building authority at the district office of bamberg.

Pfister disagrees
Karolin Herbst had not expected this, especially since, according to her own statements, she had been repeatedly assured by the head of the administration, rigobert pfister, that there would be no building on the adjacent land to the south.
Pfister denied to our newspaper that he had given such information. In any case, the melkendorf woman did not react when the update of the land use plan was made available for public inspection and comment. They thought they were safe, because for a long time the city council had an openly audible debate with the tenor "out of the flat, we condense the inner places".
In fact, during the planning process, it was determined that 150 plots were available for development in the localities of the entire municipality. Their owners hold on to these building sites in the interest of their descendants or have price ideas that are perhaps no longer quite up to date. The hofmann family, whose son christian wanted to move back to melkendorf, also refers to this problem. We learned from mother monika hofmann that all her attempts to acquire one of the free melkendorf building plots had failed.
According to you, the only chance was the flat area south of the eggerten/grundstuck herbst building line, which – as confirmed by head of administration pfister – had not been planned beforehand.

Positive news
On site, the building committee was convinced, as was now to be heard from mayor wolfgang mohrlein, that a building development could be permitted at this location to round off the site. At least the east adjoining property of the gardener gotz protrudes further south into the corridor.
It has been built on and used for commercial purposes since the 1960s. The reason for the on-site meeting was the preliminary building application of the hofmann family, which was then also approved on 12 december. June 2012 a positive decision has been issued. On this very day, there was a controversial discussion in the municipal council about the proposal of another family from melkendorf to include their agricultural land in the land-use plan.
This family had an "unequal treatment" complains about being deprived of the opportunity to build on its own land in its home town. Herbert schutz and raimund kohler were sympathetic at the time.

But the two CSU councils failed with a compromise proposal to designate at least part of the site as building land. Categorical resistance was offered by klemens wolfel, franz-josef schick (both SPD), georg lunz (grune) and burgermeister mohrlein. They wanted to stick to the basic decision to reverse the building plan designation. Wolfel worries that every exception will arouse further covetousness.

One last trump remains
Nevertheless, there is the glorious exception to the rule, and it will probably cause the municipal council many a headache in the future.
Mayor mohrlein pays the building plot to the interior and does not see the danger of a precedent. At the same time, he admits that the developer must fully develop the plot, which is located on a field path, at his own expense. A separate contract will be concluded between the municipality and hofmann.
It is noteworthy in this context that, in contrast to the herbst property, on the street "eggerten a developed plot of land ready for construction lies fallow. Klemens wolfel, meanwhile, gets a guilty conscience and starts looking for the reasons for the deviation from the direction of travel.
Christian hofmann wants to build a house with a double garage and a shed for a unimog. The unimog is explained by the fact that the hofmanns also manage a forest. In the spacious dwelling house a granny annexe is foreseen. These are two circumstances that will make your neighbor's hair stand on end.

She can imagine the emissions from a forest farmer next door.
And also because she knows that the hofmanns, as landlords of at least one vacation apartment in bamberg, are already active in the foreign trade sector, she has mixed feelings about the future use of the neighboring property. "The little woman is probably powerless", she complains.
But it still has one trump: because it has not signed the building plan of christian hofmann, it is still heard by the district office. Maybe the last chance to turn the rudder around.

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