New traffic lights: adelsdorf’s mayor calls for improvements

New traffic lights: adelsdorf's mayor calls for improvements

The resurfacing of the roadway on the B470 between the a3 exit hochstadt-ost and the eastern turnoff to adelsdorf has been completed. At the freeway exit, a new traffic light system ensures more safety. Another set of traffic lights is also to do the same at the intersection with the staggered junctions of the ERH 16 circular road. Here, however, the traffic is obviously not yet running smoothly.

Cars are in the way

"Something has to happen soon, adelsdorf’s mayor karsten fischkal () calls for a change of direction, especially in view of the left turn lane coming from hochstadt in the direction of adelsdorf. At red lights, traffic is always backed up so far that drivers who want to turn left come to a standstill even in the straight-ahead lane. If vehicles approach from behind, whose drivers want to drive through the traffic light that is showing green at the same time, the left-turning vehicles are in their way.

For fischkal, this situation is even more dangerous than it was before without the traffic lights in the mouth of the river. He has already convinced himself of this danger, after a series of complaints from citizens have landed on his desk. Fischkal: "and it’s not just individuals." those coming from neuhaus on the B 470 and wanting to continue on the left turn lane to adelsdorf also have to wait a long time in the morning rush hour traffic.

Against the backdrop of this situation, the mayor wonders whether a traffic circle would not be more sensible after all. The answer is as clear for him as it is for the erlangen-hochstadt district council, which unanimously calls for a traffic circle. Fischkal wants to "keep the ball rolling" on traffic circles.

But it’s not just the traffic lights at the two intersections of the kreisstrabe that are the subject of complaints from the people of adelsdorf. The morning traffic jam on the slip road coming from adelsdorf also provokes criticism.

Optimization where necessary

Fischkal’s request to the state building authority to react quickly at the traffic lights in the junction area of the ERH 16 has fallen on the ears of the nurnberg authorities.

As lisa bauersachs, the new head of department for the district of erlangen-hochstadt, explained in response to a question from the FT, the traffic situation is being monitored and, if necessary, the traffic lights will be adjusted "for example, if the left-turn lanes are jammed".

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