sometimes modern, sometimes traditional

Once again, the city youth band of kulmbach and the rugendorf village music ensured a full house at their joint spring concert. The two orchestras presented the friends of brass music in weisath’s feststadl in zettlitz with acoustic delicacies – somewhat more modern for the youth, more traditional for the village music.

The work of harald streit is worthy of recognition, who with the youth band is a perpetual "construction site" ahead of him. Everything is in flux: the older ones leave, the younger ones follow suit. For the city youth band, the concert in zettlitz was also the dress rehearsal for the next competition on 25 may. May. Two not at all easy pieces will be played by the kulmbachers there: "the new village, a concertante painting about a holland village, with many tempo changes, which therefore demands clean intonation. In addition, a "new baroque suite", which is reminiscent of baroque orchestra suites and sometimes comes across as a bit ostentatious, in the slow movement strongly reminiscent of bach’s "air" recalls and in the third movement a fugue and a double fugue spins on in a rather swinging way.

Federal employment agency closes jobs

The german federal employment agency (BA) has closed or merged 54 offices over the past ten years.

Nine new business positions have been created. This is the result of a response from the agency to a question from the labor market policy spokeswoman of the left-wing parliamentary group, sabine zimmermann, which was made available to the deutsche presse-agentur. During the mergers, the service offering was transferred to the next main agency and concentrated there.

Bavaria: cell phones in schools - yes or no?

Bavaria's schools are to decide for themselves in the future whether and to what extent the private use of cell phones is permitted in school buildings. This is the result of a round table to which bavaria's new minister of education, bernd sibler (CSU), invited around forty representatives of parents, teachers and schools, as well as external experts, to the ministry of education.

Brain tumor due to cell phone radiation? Court in italy upholds lawsuit
"the unanimous will at the round table was to delegate more decision-making freedom to the schools", said sibler after the meeting. So a "school forum" could be established on site find pragmatic solutions for cell phone use outside the classroom that are adapted to the school by teachers, parents and schoolchildren. These could then be laid down in a school contract.

al-qaeda leader arrested in sinai - attack in suez canal

The terrorist was assaulted on saturday by members of a special forces unit in a store in the city of al-aryan. It is said to be to blame for the deaths of at least 42 soldiers and police officers. Since the fall of agyptian president husni mubarak two and a half years ago, the number of attacks on the peninsula bordering israel has risen sharply.

On sunday it also became known that terrorists tried to attack a ship in the suez canal. Saturday’s attack was thwarted at the last minute by security forces, it was claimed. Reports that a grenade had hit the ship and set fire to a container were not commented on by the interior ministry.

"In view of the dramatic underfunding, the railroad has an investment backlog of over 30 billion euros in tracks, switches and signal boxes," grube told the news magazine "der spiegel" (monday). The federal states have been complaining for years that too little money is flowing into the network.

Although the federal government and the railroads invest three billion euros in the network every year, more than four billion euros a year are needed to maintain the current quality, the head of the federally owned group explained. "If nothing changes, the backlog will rise to a staggering 50 billion euros by 2020."

The celebrations for the 150th anniversary. Church jubilee room of the parish church st. Thomas also arrived at the education center (biz). The kindergarten in wallenfels is under the protection of st. Joseph, which also gave it the name "kindergarten st. Joseph". Josef" has given. And that is why, on the day of commemoration of st. Joseph, it was written. Joseph all under the sign of this great saint. Together with their teachers and father jan poja, the children buried the numerous guests at the education center (biz) to celebrate the devotion with them. "It's just great that you're here" sounded bright children's voices through the room. Father jan poja asked the children if they knew who saint joseph was. And the preschoolers were quick with their answers. "Joseph was a carpenter", "he was the husband of mary" and "he protected his wife and son from many dangers", that came like a shot from a pistol. After the daily prayer the melody of "he holds the whole world in his hand" sounded, however, the children had rehearsed a new text "you were a good father – thank you". In his sermon, father jan referred in particular to the popularity of the name joseph in earlier times and said that it was a pity that this name was increasingly being forgotten.

After the song "god's love is so wonderful", the kindergarten team, led by susanne zanker, offered the prayers of the fours and prayed especially for the children, the parents and for all those who are not doing so well. The children and adults showed unity during the common "our father" and held each other's hands. Before the blessing by father jan, eva-maria seiboth-muller, chairwoman of the parents' council, thanked the children, the team and the priest for organizing the service. She cordially invited all guests to a small snack.

"Learning with head, heart and hand is the motto of the montessori school mitwitz. In order to make the students strong for life, the school not only focuses on pedagogical quality, but also teaches the young people skills for coping with everyday life. This concept is convincing more and more parents, as was shown by the pleasing results at the members’ meeting of the montessori association in and around kronach.

The school has grown again: to 327 students, 100 of them in the elementary school and 203 in the secondary school in mitwitz, as well as 24 in the montessori technical high school (MOS) in kronach, as oliver salomon, board member for school development, reported. With 66 employees, it is now a medium-sized company. To ensure that the children and young people from the districts of kronach, lichtenfels, coburg, kulmbach and sonneberg get to class on time in the mornings, the school has set up twelve bus routes. With the offer of the MOS the last building block for the realization of the vision to accompany the children with montessori pedagogy up to the high school graduation was set, emphasized salomon.

The yew and dry past years and especially the last summer, the lack of winter and the bark kafer are a big problem for forest owners. However, a forest can be rebuilt in time, as ernst zeilinger has done.

Forest restructuring as a precaution

"Replanting is the planting of other trees under the monocultures in forests", explains moritz bergen, department head for the forestry department from erlangen.

The institute of geo and nuclear science took advantage of a morning clearing for a flyover. "Active steam holes could be seen at a new crater below the higher te-mari crater," volcanologist michael rosenberg later reported on the website. "The seismic activity was low, but that doesn’t say anything about prediction of further eruptions."

During the eruption on tuesday night, heavy rolled chunks with a diameter of up to one meter were thrown into the air. These were old lava chunks that left small craters on impact, rosenberg reported. They flew up to two kilometers. One of them damaged an empty hiking hat. A shower of ash fell in the surrounding area. "The eruption did not release a mud flow," rosenberg said. The ash cloud was 375 square kilometers in size and impeded air traffic. Rosenberg also observed boulders that had loosened above the crater. "This is a sign that the ground shook violently during the eruption."

The pool remains empty

At short notice, the municipal council, representatives of the fire department and the school administration were invited to the school swimming hall on monday evening by mayor karsten fischkal () in order to learn facts about the ceiling damage in the swimming hall from the structural engineer of the engineering office for structural engineering welker, michael welker, and from sebastian berger of the municipal technical building office and to discuss the further procedure.

"It's about the safety of our children, so we can't take any risks", says fischkal, who had already closed the swimming hall on friday afternoon. After janitor marco boco discovered the sagging ceiling, architectural firm harald fuchs and structural engineer michael welker were commissioned to investigate the damage.