Passing on the old knowledge

"Fools hurry, wise men wait and wise men go into the garden", quoted chairman heike linz, the indian poet tagore, at her funeral for the annual general meeting of the horticultural association feulersdorf. Further she said: "we here in the country have the luxury of simply going out and pulling the carrot out of the ground. We should also take advantage of this."

The district chairman of the kulmbach gardening associations, gunter reif, emphasized that gardening has experienced a revival in recent years, not least as a result of social currents such as "save the bees" and "fridays for future. "The knowledge of the interrelationships in nature has been preserved in the villages", he said and appealed to all grandparents to pass on the old knowledge to their grandchildren. He himself set a good example and explained in his lecture entitled "was bluht denn da am wegesrand" ("what is bleeding on the wayside"), in the past, goose flowers were not only used to weave wreaths, but were also important medicinal plants whose buds were mixed into salads. In the absence of subliquors, he said, he himself had sucked the blood from dead nettles as a child: "those were our gumdrops".

64 members

The feulersdorfer congratulated reif to the coarse club strength of currently 64 members. Many of them regularly take care of the village grounds, especially the school pond and the playground in the center of the village. Every year they tie the easter crown and take care of the public rose beds. The association organizes village festivals, church fairs and christmas parties, and offers excursions for members, including visits to wine presses or tours of the town.

"I am glad that in a small community like wonsees, there are so many gardening clubs. They actively take care of the appearance of the village and the community life", according to the mayor of wonsees andreas pohner. He presented the feulersdorf hobby gardener else erlmann with the model "garden for man and nature", an award from the district of kulmbach, for their farm garden, where an old walnut tree stands.


Honored for 26 years of membership was josef schutz, who has held the office of treasurer for 22 years. Wife petra schutz was honored for 25 years of membership. Since 2006, she has been at the helm of the association as deputy chairwoman.

This year, the horticultural association feulersdorf is facing a major project with the renovation of the village hall.

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