Social station st. Hedwig has a lot to offer in eltmann

Without the services of the social stations, it would not be possible to live in one's familiar surroundings in many cases today. They offer families support and help in caring for their loved ones. The "social station st" wants to offer these services to families. Hedwig at the "open house on saturday, 3. November, 11 a.M. To 4 p.M. In eltmann, fichtenbach 1, inform.

The home care has evolved from the social or infirmaries of the church or the charities. Already in the middle of the last century in eltmann had the "erloser-sisters" set up an outpatient clinic and rode their bikes or went to fub to help sick people. A reorganization took place with sister carissima. Then came the news from the wurzburg motherhouse that there could be no more outpatient wards with convent sisters. So in 1975, in a joint effort by the catholic and protestant churches, the foundation of the social station st. Hedwig. Today, its service area extends over 45 villages in the communities of breitbrunn, ebelsbach, eltmann, oberaurach, rauhenebrach, sand, stettfeld, and thus from koppenwind in the south of the district to kottendorf in the north.

And today, a fleet of ten vehicles is needed to cover almost 200,000 kilometers a year. The team led by ursula benke consists of 43 people who care for over 450 patients a year.

The services range from basic care to treatment care, housekeeping services, meals on wheels, and relief for caregivers. The latest offer is the "nursing relief day". A transport service is optionally available and picks up the patients in need of care in the morning and brings them home again in the evening. Movement therapy, concentration exercises and memory games are used to improve everyday practical skills. But there is also cooking, singing, making music and handicrafts.

At the "open house there is information about many other services, such as the menu service. At infostanden you learn the "malteser hausnotruf" (maltese home emergency call) know or get tips on blood pressure and blood sugar measurement. A raffle also offers prizes. The physical well-being is taken care of. 

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