St. Martin “light”

Martin’s day – that means lights, lanterns, songs and shining children’s eyes in candlelight. This year everything is different. Corona has cut a dash through many calculations. But the teachers in kindergarten st. St. Mary’s in steinwiesen did not want to simply accept this.

And so a “st was born.-martinsfest light. With a “small move, st.-martins play and martins songs. Without music, but from many children’s throats from small to preschool age sounded the traditional songs.

In groups, the little ones walked the 200 meters from the kindergarten to the church square in front of the parish and pilgrimage church of the birth of mary, where they were already awaited by pastor richard reis. “We had the permission for this celebration in the open, and it was also only the children and not their parents were present. Everyone has also kept to it”, tells kindergarten director maria peter gratefully. Because they didn’t want to take any risks, they just wanted to give the kids the st.-bring the martin legend to life. And it doesn’t really matter whether you organize a small or large parade in the dark or in the light, with many adults or only among children.

After the singing of the st.-two educators playfully showed the story of the beggar and the st. Martin. Martin. One sab sat ragged and freezing on the ground, the other galloped past in a flowing red coat. But the beggar felt sorry for the man on horseback and he cut his coat in two with his sword and gave the poor man his coat so that he could keep himself warm.

This story is suitable for any age group. Already in kindergarten, the young and the young at heart should learn to share, to live together, not against each other.

In school, in professional life, in everyday life, private or professional – this philosophy snakes through the whole of life. And especially in today’s difficult times, in a time of fear of the virus, in a time when we don’t know how to go on, it is important to stand together, to help each other: just as st. Francis said. Martin has also done. Together and with each other, walking together through the deep valley and mastering the challenges – that is the message of the saint on this his day of remembrance.

Protection on all days

So that also on this day and on all days the children and their educators as well as their families under the “mantle in the safety of the lord, pastor richard reis pronounced a blessing on all of them.

He said that the many lanterns shine far out even in broad daylight. And this light draws in the hearts and makes them bright, even in dark days.

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