The syllabic fisherman from Wortersee

The syllabic fisherman from wortersee

In time for the 30th anniversary of the stage, germany’s probably most famous verb-breaker, syllable-fisher and verse-sayer, as he likes to call himself, presents his new creations from the flunker bunker. With "rhyme time willy astor continues to surf the prank wave. Wednesday, 27. September, he does this in the eggerbachhalle in eggolsheim. Start is at 20 o’clock.

Shakespeare’s hamlet will then experience a gastronomic rebirth in: "omlett – a ruhrstuck with eggschn". His african reggae takes every listener for a ride. And spatestens with his "senior medley" no bedpan remains dry. One wonders how much fluff this man must have in his head to come up with something like this?

For a long time, astor has had many fans nationwide due to his rough bandwidth: young and young-at-heart let this "mischief entrepreneur" in the "childish ocean beschelmen. Astor, a rhymer, singer and guitarist who sees his art as a craft. Standing alone and talking himself the credo: "I was made for laughing you". Because: "if humor, then directly from the producer". Say: his stories come, as always, from his imaginative mind, without ghostwriters – and that spurts to the back row. His intelligent silliness prevents the seriousness of the situation. Especially in these times the world needs funny, but also thoughtful songs and stories from such nonconformist syllabists like him.Go there! Freuwillig!

Tickets are available in advance at the municipal administration at 26 euros (box office 29 euros), reduced 24 euros (27 euros).

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