Whether remele was tumor removed

The mayor of schweinfurt, sebastian remele, died on 21 june. September a tumor in the neck area has been completely removed, as remele announces in a personal statement to the citizens of schweinfurt via the city's press office. Fortunately, the tumor was detected in time and the operation "went very well", as well as its recovery to date. The mayor of schweinfurt has been on sick leave for a month.
On the advice of doctors, he will undergo supportive follow-up treatment, which will last until december, the letter from the mayor continues. In this phase, he would, as far as possible, at least take on internal administrative tasks. Remele: "from the beginning of 2018, I will resume my duties with full strength and to the full extent of my abilities."
The mayor expresses his gratitude for the many wishes for recovery that have reached him: "it has touched me and my family very much and filled us with gratitude that so many people have accompanied us with their good wishes." 

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