Why there is a traffic sign in polish in ebersdorf

During a site inspection at the construction site, it doesn't take long for mayor bernd reisenweber (BG) to raise his voice, point to the other side of the street and scold: "there! Another one." again a truck that has ignored all the signs to the closed railroad crossing and is now quietly making a U-turn across the land of the company caruso (which keeps a little space free to the delight of the mayor).

Stefan hengel from the construction office of the municipality is sometimes already so far to give up hope. Because you really can't put up more than the huge sign – translated into polish in cooperation with the company schumacher – in the garnstadter strabe. And yet: one truck after the other, mostly suppliers for the ebersdorf packaging specialist, is stranded at the construction site. Bernd reisenweber can explain the problems with the outdated navigation systems of the trucks: "with the CO 13, the schumacher company now really has a top access road."

Birkleite will soon be free again

At least the situation will soon be better from the other direction (from grobgarnstadt). "Still in june" hengel's construction office colleague patrick vogt expects the construction site at the corner of garnstadter strabe/birkleite to be completed and connected to the traffic circle in the direction of grobgarnstadt. Then there will finally be an efficient connection from the center of the town towards the north. Four construction phases have been completed, and the entire package cost just under 1.7 million euros. "So that", the mayor is pleased "the worst road we've had is finally history."

What would be the next step now is in question for bernd reisenweber: the rehabilitation of the zeickhorner road. But until this can be tackled, it will still take a while. "It is especially a financial question", says the mayor, referring to the sharp drop in the municipality's business tax revenue. In the case of expensive road reconstruction you can only "one step at a time" go.

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