Euro-protest: unwanted protection for free voters

Party leader hubert aiwanger wants to mobilize a coalition of left-wing and conservative parties against the euro bailout and thus pave the way for the free voters, who have so far been successful mainly in bavaria, to enter the bundestag. The first major rally against the ESM bailout is planned for this saturday in munich. The fact that the NPD also wants to get involved is met with reluctance.

The free voters are primarily a force in local politics; so far they have only been elected to the state parliament in bavaria. Where else they contested state elections, they fell far short of the five-percent hurdle. Nevertheless, national chairman aiwanger wants to lead the grouping into federal and european politics – as a civic alternative to the union and FDP. A federal members’ meeting on 16. June in the bavarian geiselwind is considered a matter of form on this way.

al-qaeda leader arrested in sinai - attack in suez canal

The terrorist was assaulted on saturday by members of a special forces unit in a store in the city of al-aryan. It is said to be to blame for the deaths of at least 42 soldiers and police officers. Since the fall of agyptian president husni mubarak two and a half years ago, the number of attacks on the peninsula bordering israel has risen sharply.

On sunday it also became known that terrorists tried to attack a ship in the suez canal. Saturday’s attack was thwarted at the last minute by security forces, it was claimed. Reports that a grenade had hit the ship and set fire to a container were not commented on by the interior ministry.

With a classy lap shortly before the end, valtteri bottas snatched pole position away from his mercedes teammate lewis hamilton at the formula 1 comeback at the nurburgring.

The finn beat the englishman in the next lightning comeback by nico hulkenberg in qualifying for the eifel grand prix with his 14th lap. Career pole in position two. Seven years after the last race on the traditional circuit, world championship leader hamilton wants to race on sunday (14.10 o’clock/RTL and sky) nevertheless with its 91. Grand prix victory to match record holder michael schumacher.

Ribery 'in top form' to crack chelsea concrete

Shortly before the start of the hoped-for rehabilitation for the 2010 world cup disgrace, the french team marveled at the massive statue of lenin in the center of the city and got into the right mood for the duel with england. For their first win in a rough tournament in 2168 days, the equipe tricolore is counting especially on bayern star ribery to break down the defensive concrete à la chelsea on monday. "He had his problems in the french team, but he is a great player and very important for this team," benzema said about the resurgent winger, "i have no doubt that he will be in top form on monday."

England starts the european soccer championships without the suspended top striker wayne rooney, defensively and only as a team leader. "Every team in the world was going to miss him, he was one of the best players this year in the premier league," said captain steven gerrard.

Explosions in the auditorium

It smokes, it steams, it bangs. But the impression is that the chemistry teachers at the ehrenburg-gymnasium (EGF) in forchheim did not violate the laws of their subject in their experiments. It is instead the project seminar of the 12. Class.
A total of 20 different chemistry experiments will be presented by the schoolchildren tomorrow, 2. February, at 7 p.M. In the school hall of the EGF. "A magical journey around the world – once around the "molecule heibt the project on which the schoolchildren have been tufting for half a year. And it can get a bit noisy and foggy in the process.
The students embed their experiments in a little story. A chemist named sebaldus, played by alexander sailer, sets off in search of gold and travels the world in the process. On his journey, he meets many new people who tell him something about chemistry. "The idea came from the fact that we wanted to make chemistry more interesting", says chemistry course leader silke langenberger. The payment is based on the magic lecture of the chemistry professor rudi van eldik, from the friedrich-alexander university erlangen-nurnberg.
A total of 15 schoolchildren took part in the project seminar. The task was very simple. The schoolchildren had to set up everything on their own. This included selecting the trials, writing the script, and creating the stage design. "There will be smaller explosions and also color reaction", betrayal silke langenberger. Since the event takes place in the auditorium, the safety of the spectators must also be taken into account. We are not in the chemistry room". One experiment, for example, is the so-called volcanic explosion. Leading actor alexander sailer will meet clemens beck. In the experiment, the latter heats wax in a test tube with the aid of a gas burner . He then pours the liquid wax into cold water. Then there is a chemical reaction reminiscent of the eruption of a volcano.

Excitement rises