Pfullendorf: soldiers break off training course in icy cold weather

Pfullendorf: soldiers break off training course in icy cold weather

Twelve of 36 participants in a four-day training course dropped out for various reasons, an army spokesman said saturday. Previously, the "sudwest presse" had reported.

According to the speaker, one of the participants developed health problems and was temporarily examined in a hospital. At the time in question it was minus 9 degrees celsius. The soldier had stated before the exercise that she had taken antibiotics, but that she felt fit to take part in the course.

It had only recently become known that young soldiers were probably driven to absolute exhaustion during a march in pfullendorf. According to the army, a landing run took place at the training center for special operations at the beginning of january, which six soldiers dropped out of due to physical exhaustion or injury. One had to go to the hospital. The federal army transferred an instructor and is now investigating internally.

At the now affected training course, which according to the spokesman of the army from 26. Until 1. Marz went, air force officers should learn how to behave after a crash. They were challenged around the clock and spent the first two nights outdoors. It has been bone-chillingly cold in the southwest over the past few days. Why the other soldiers dropped out of the course was not disclosed in detail.

The bundeswehr has already had to investigate the staufer barracks several times after reports of alleged sexual sadistic practices shocked the public in early 2017. The judiciary did not confirm these accusations. Beyond that, it was about torturous admission rituals. Defense minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) had described the events as "abhorrent and repugnant". Four soldiers were dismissed because of the initiation rituals.

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