Lebenshilfe celebrates topping-out ceremony in hammelburg’s old town

Lebenshilfe celebrates topping-out ceremony in hammelburg's old town

When elmar metz moves from wurzburger strabe to seelhausgasse, he won't have so far to go to the butcher's and to church. He will therefore be happy to live in the new home, said metz, who works in the hammelburg lebenshilfe workshop.

The location in the city center is also the decisive advantage of the new building for karl-heinz maul. "People with disabilities should not live on the outskirts, but in the center of town", said the chairman of lebenshilfe hammelburg at the topping-out ceremony. The seelhausgasse was chosen with care. The "seelhaus", which was built more than 200 years ago, was also a social institution. The shell of the new lebenshilfe home now stands on its site. The investment, including the purchase of the land, is estimated by lebenshilfe at around 3.3 million euros. The district and the government demand construction. Lebenshilfe has to bear around 30 percent of the costs according to the figures.

The fact that the location in the old town was not entirely unproblematic was recalled by architect wolfgang schefbeck from the "schefbeck hoch 3" office and mayor ernst stross (SPD). There had been many discussions with neighbors or the redevelopment advisory board. There were many questions, for example about the roof design, explained stross. The seelhaus buildings stood on cloud cellars. Most of them could not be entered because of the danger of collapse before the houses were demolished. This made the initial planning more difficult, said schefbeck.

For life
The residential home is expected to be completed in a year's time. It will offer 24 places. A short-term place is also planned. In addition, there are twelve places in the day group. Disabled people who are no longer able to work in the workshop or who have reached retirement age are cared for in the daycare center. As sascha turtschany explained, this will enable people to live in the house for the rest of their lives. So it is more likely that older disabled people will live in seelhausgasse. The location in the old town of hammelburg should encourage contact with neighbors, said turtschany, who manages the lebenshilfe residential facilities.

Residents from wurzburger strabe will initially move into the new home in seelhausgasse. Because the house there is to be renovated and adapted to the new accessibility requirements. "Nothing has been decided yet. We are only in the planning phase", martin groove, managing director of lebenshilfe, said in response to a query. On the other hand, it has long been clear that the building in eselspfad will be abandoned. The twelve residents will be transferred to the new residential home in the city center.

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