John Paul II and John XXIII are canonized

John Paul II. And John xxiii. Are canonized

A few days ago, the cardinals’ meeting of the competent congregation of the vatican had already approved johannes paul II. A second miracle granted – prerequisite for canonization. On friday details of this event became known. "The second miracle of john paul II. It happened to a woman from costa rica," said vatican spokesman federico lombardi. It is scheduled for 1. May 2011 – the day of the beatification of john paul ii. – have been cured of a brain injury, as reported by the news agency ansa.

Even for beatification, which always precedes canonization, recognition of a miracle is necessary. After extensive reviews, the final decision rests with the pope. John paul II. (1978 to 2005) was beatified in 2011 after the vatican recognized the healing of a nun from parkinson’s disease as a first miracle. The charismatic pole karol wojtyla was the first non-italian pope for more than 450 years.

John XXIII., who, in his five years of office (1958 to 1963), had inaugurated a new era in the catholic church with the second vatican council, is canonized without the recognition of a second miracle. The pope has decided that this is not necessary, explained lombardi. "We all know the virtue and the personality of pope roncalli, it is not necessary to explain the reasons for his sanctity."With john XXIII., the burgher name of angelo giuseppe roncalli said that it was a special case.

Among catholics, beatification allows official veneration of a deceased person in a particular region. Canonization extends this veneration to the entire universal catholic church.

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