This is what the 80s sounded like: when canon conquered the sale

This is what the 80s sounded like: when canon conquered the sale

With falcos "commissar beats for rudiger schoberth, who since time immemorial all "roger" call, the rough hour: dressed in a trench coat and armed with an XXL magnifying glass, the saxophonist enters the stage and mimes the detective, while his band colleagues hammer the world hit into the keys/drums/strings. A special show interlude, with which the members of the formation like to root their performances.

Classic eighties-music is the mainstay of the eight-headed group – from new german wave of the brand markus ("ich will spab") and trios "dadada" up to rocking ballads a` la REO speedwagon ("keep on loving you"). But their love for funk and soul: roger schoberth and his blaser-twin erich wochele can never hide it. "It was clear that we also wanted to play kool& the gang with ‘celebrate’ absolutely had to have in the repertoire", says wochele, who, like his partner, learned the musical basics at the kulmbach boys’ band.

The blaser-fraction is it, which already at the vorganger tin, skin& wire makes the difference to many other groups of that ara. Roger and erich, the co-founders of this formation, are clear: if there is a follow-up formation, then only as a duo and with the other veterans peter lubig (guitar) and werner haberstumpf (bass). Joined by joachim schmidt (keyboards), jurgen detzel (drums) and finally the brother kalamala: joachim (guitar/vocals) and harald (guitar). The two wilhelmsthaler have 1981 the connections to the rough organizers of that time – and so canon is a gladly booked band and grazes the dance halls. "Especially in lower franconia there was a lot going on at that time, zellingen and rothausen were hotspots", says roger schoberth. In trockau, the people stand so close to the stage that the dancers can see the musicians’ notes.

Hard work for the blaser faction

For the horns some of the numbers from that time are hard work. Roger remembers how he played the sax solo in foreigners "urgent" wanted to play true to the original. "I just couldn’t get these damn ubertones to work, they are absolutely mean. I gave up at some point." even today, he still revels in the skills of his fellow musicians of that time. "They were absolute professionals."

In the beginning, the band lands the gigs themselves – until they look for a manager. One who was a name in his day: viktor haschke. In retrospect, it is the end of canon. How that? "It was good that he brought us into the popular locations", says erich wochele. A high point: the performance in the carl diem hall in wurzburg in front of 4000 people.

"Two weeks later queen and freddy mercury performed there – we were more or less the opening act", says roger laughing.

One year end

Haschke, however, had other projects on the go. And realized: the bass player and the drummer of canon, he could use them well for his new group joker. He put together several new formations "it was like playing the band lottery", says erich. "Jurgen and especially werner were the supporting pillars and could not be replaced." and so after less than two years canon was already history.

Roger took a break due to familiar conditions. But they are itching too much in their fingers – and so the next formations airport and gangway will follow soon. With the latter they really let it rip: with the song "BMW" the spider murphy gang gets a real 750 BMW on stage.

New chapter

From 1986, the two of them open a whole new musical chapter with the showband les clochards: international dance music with professional show interludes drove them from the CCH in hamburg to the "lowenbraukeller in munich, on gerd rubenbauer’s "bayern champions" tv show to the "BMW nightclub in dingolfing. With the septet: peter lubig, a pioneer of the first hour. Thanks to him, a future veterinarian joined the "clochards stobt: christine kammerer. 1993 she is writing her doctoral thesis. "I was already active in singing as a child, for example in the gospel choir in schwarzach and later in the school band at the vocational school in munich." peter lubig also plays there. So she comes to the chlochards in a roundabout way.

Christine kammerer obviously leaves a lasting impression at the rehearsals. "We were immediately taken with your voice", praises roger. Songs for the doctor-to-be: mireille mathieu and stefanie hertel play the cramming drums. "Okay, that wasn’t quite my thing", says the mainleusian with a smile. But luckily there are still other songs to sing. "I loved singing nathalie imbruglia, and sade’s stuff, too." marianne rosenberg’s earworm "he belongs to me is the racer especially at the limmersdorfer kirchweih.

Until 1999 christine kammerer stays with the group. Vocally, she had meanwhile "slipped a little lower from the soprano". "Now, at the age of 53, I could rather sing the blues numbers." even with their musician colleagues of yesteryear? "Yes, I can imagine to revive this once again. I wanted to be the front woman for a revival gig – of course only if the guys wanted to be."

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