Bridge near pommersfelden to be renewed

Work on the new bridge at the western entrance to the town, near the pommersfelden parish hall, has recently begun. In a report from 2017, the bridge over the rich ebrach was described as "dilapidated" has been classified. The bridge was designed for a load-bearing capacity of twelve tons, a value that is no longer appropriate for today’s traffic conditions. Today, a load-bearing capacity of 60 tons is required for new bridges.

The bridge in pommersfelden connects the main road in the town with the state road 2263 hochstadt-burgebrach. For the construction site, the access road, which was also used by school buses, had to be completely closed off. The closure will last until the end of november, the municipality reckons.

Redevelopment not economical

A renovation of the bridge building was, according to the report, "not economically viable" been discarded. According to mayor hans beck (WB sambach), the total cost is estimated to be around one million. The municipality of pommersfelden will have to pay around 500,000 euros for the project. However, in order to qualify for the state subsidy, the bridge has to be "upgraded" will cost.

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