60 years with the schutzen

Rottenbach – rolf griebel has been a member of the rottenbach guardian association for 60 years. For this he was congratulated by the 1. Schutzenmeisterin renate schramm on behalf of the entire community and presented him with the golden honorary pin of the bayerischer sportschutzenbund for 60 years of membership.
The 93-year-old jubilarian founded the church on 17. June 1954 together with the brewery owner alfred meyer ("furst") the SV rottenbach. "At that time we still shot with small caliber in the ditch on the meadows near the sports rang. This was our shooting range until it was no longer allowed", rolf griebel remembers. He likes to protect "there's just a good community there", supplemented it.
Until 1995, the honored was an active rifle and later pistol guard, was even guard king and is particularly pleased that in the anniversary year of his membership, of all things, daughter christine gensel leads the association as guard queen. Renate schramm thanked rolf griebel for his long loyalty to the association and wished him continued good health. 

John Paul II. And John xxiii. Are canonized

A few days ago, the cardinals’ meeting of the competent congregation of the vatican had already approved johannes paul II. A second miracle granted – prerequisite for canonization. On friday details of this event became known. "The second miracle of john paul II. It happened to a woman from costa rica," said vatican spokesman federico lombardi. It is scheduled for 1. May 2011 – the day of the beatification of john paul ii. – have been cured of a brain injury, as reported by the news agency ansa.

Even for beatification, which always precedes canonization, recognition of a miracle is necessary. After extensive reviews, the final decision rests with the pope. John paul II. (1978 to 2005) was beatified in 2011 after the vatican recognized the healing of a nun from parkinson’s disease as a first miracle. The charismatic pole karol wojtyla was the first non-italian pope for more than 450 years.

German industry unsettled by us election drama

Much is at stake for german industry with hundreds of thousands of employees. The partial shutdown in germany in november creates new uncertainties about the future of the corona crisis.

Many companies in the steel and automotive industries, for example, are already facing a difficult structural change: they need to become more digital and increase their efforts to protect the climate. And now there is the US election drama with an uncertain outcome.

Lebenshilfe celebrates topping-out ceremony in hammelburg's old town

When elmar metz moves from wurzburger strabe to seelhausgasse, he won't have so far to go to the butcher's and to church. He will therefore be happy to live in the new home, said metz, who works in the hammelburg lebenshilfe workshop.

The location in the city center is also the decisive advantage of the new building for karl-heinz maul. "People with disabilities should not live on the outskirts, but in the center of town", said the chairman of lebenshilfe hammelburg at the topping-out ceremony. The seelhausgasse was chosen with care. The "seelhaus", which was built more than 200 years ago, was also a social institution. The shell of the new lebenshilfe home now stands on its site. The investment, including the purchase of the land, is estimated by lebenshilfe at around 3.3 million euros. The district and the government demand construction. Lebenshilfe has to bear around 30 percent of the costs according to the figures.

Hallerndorf messages from the beyond

In the current play of the hallerndorfer theater group, the actual star is not on stage at all. That's because pastor matthias steffel has slipped into a very special guest role. As a long gone uncle, he recorded his will on video.

In his message, which is presented on a canvas, he addresses the heirs-to-be. All of whom, of course, are already greedily eyeing the inheritance – and whose more than dubious character traits the dead man, of course, knew only too well during his lifetime. His last will and testament turns out to be a will in the literal sense – because there is no inheritance to distribute.

Roller coaster at the gas stations

By our editorial member linda moslein

Lichtenfels – if you see a gas station with supposedly cheap fuel, don't hesitate, because making a quick stop somewhere else beforehand could end up being expensive: fuel prices change several times a day, and it's not uncommon to have to dig deep into your wallet to pay for the fill-up.
Waltraud hornung, who leases the aral gas station in lichtenfels, describes the reasons for the ups and downs in prices as follows: "prices usually go down in the evening and up again in the morning. There comes then a note from the central and already we must change over."
so it's not because of the leaseholders that you can only get about 30 liters of gasoline for 50 euros lately. On the contrary, due to competition from other gas stations, prices tend to be kept at the lower limit, says manfred grob, leaseholder of the shell gas station in bamberger strabe in lichtenfels. "Of course, we generally have to follow the guidelines from hamburg. But we are also able to react to price changes at our competitors. This is how we try to offer our customers the cheapest fuel possible."

"The mayor of ingolstadt liked the mix in the coburg market hall", assures sebastian hofmann. Just like the mayor of ingolstadt, who visited coburg in july on the occasion of the bavarian city convention, the new managing director of markthalle coburg gmbh has a decisive advantage: he is not from coburg and therefore has an unbiased view, which can only be of use to him in his function.

After his first three months, hofmann is already familiar with the criticism of the concept of the market hall, which in coburg has been unshakeable practically from the moment of its opening. From a marketing point of view, however, he doesn't find criticism bad, on the contrary. "I think it's important to keep talking, whether it's positive or negative, he says. Everyone has an opinion on the subject anyway. "Even if the people only come here to vent, the main thing is that they are there."

The first part of the separation special about the lombardis "sarah& pietro – the whole truth – has now been broadcast on RTL II. In advance there were already several excerpts of the transcript to read on the net. The fans were not allowed to be any wiser after the two hours. Sarah got into trouble, while pietro remained completely cool.

A video from happy days of sarah and pietro lombardi you can watch at clipfish

"I have completed my service and, with my 139690 kilometers, I am getting a successor after 38 years", the decommissioned transporter of the ahorner fire department could have said.

This successor is a brand new transporter for the fire department work. It was presented and inaugurated with great fanfare (tent operation, church service, schorkendorf musicians and numerous guests) at the fire department grounds. The consecration was performed by the two deacons franz K. Schon and michael reubel, which they presented under the bible verse from galatians: "one bears the other's burden."

electric suv showdown at the start of ces

The SUV is considered by many to be the epitome of the gas-guzzler – but a competition is now emerging among electric car manufacturers in this vehicle class.

The showdown at the start of the CES technology trade show in las vegas shows how suppliers are trying to win over customers with new ideas.