“Sarah & pietro: the whole truth”: what the separation special revealed

The first part of the separation special about the lombardis "sarah& pietro – the whole truth – has now been broadcast on RTL II. In advance there were already several excerpts of the transcript to read on the net. The fans were not allowed to be any wiser after the two hours. Sarah got into trouble, while pietro remained completely cool.

A video from happy days of sarah and pietro lombardi you can watch at clipfish

Before it got down to the nitty-gritty, there was a rough review of the love of the former dream couple. The highlights of their relationship were reviewed – wedding, house building and birth included. But already at the high phase of the luck the bond of the two got first tears. It followed the move out of the common house – a new apartment should bring everything back into balance. But then the big break: sarah’s affair was exposed. She fled on vacation to greece. One week later she has to face everything.

Everything a dream?

However, the 24-year-old does not provide a real explanation, although she describes in detail how she had become increasingly insecure in her marriage. There is talk of too little attention and too little love. She felt "left alone" and needed someone "to listen to me". Apparently her pietro was too disinterested, not jealous enough. "For me it all has a reason", says sarah. But she cannot put it into words.

At one point, sarah says she wishes it was all just a dream she could wake up from. But it is not so. Instead, she’s being attacked on social media and even called names on the street. But one encounter gave her courage, when a woman came up to her, took her in her arms and told her that "mistakes like that just happen. There are once more tears rolling over the face of the 24-year-old. What the future holds? "This is all still so fresh that I do not yet know where it will take me." the most important was always son alessio.

"Never say never"

Pietro, on the other hand, seems surprisingly composed and relaxed in the interview sequences. Although he remembers that "it was strange for a while" 3, yet he never expected anything like this. He was in shock, not in mourning. And he did not even want to know what had happened. He blocked sarah’s attempts at explanation and apology.

He is also not aware of any complicity. Sarah may not have loved him as much as she used to, but "this situation is inexcusable. He wants sarah and him to stay friends. Is there still hope for the former dream couple?? "Never say never, he explains, and then adds: "the current status is no." whether that will be the case in the next episode of 7. December will be the same?

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