A double hour of happiness

A double hour of happiness

Especially now at the turn of the year, wishes are often heard. Wishing each other health, success – and also good luck. But happiness can also be learned, as cornelia bauerlein, a happiness teacher, is currently trying to explain to her students at a middle school in the district. A conversation about the prerequisites for being happy, about the training to become a happiness teacher and the ultimate happiness tip.

What is happiness?

Cornelia bauerlein: of course, everyone defines it differently. Happiness is not a permanent feeling of elation. People think that all they have to do is walk through life happily. But happiness is more a satisfaction or a feeling of well-being, even if not everything is going well at the moment.

What are the conditions to be happy??

I think the most important thing is the positive relationships. To be safe and to feel loved and recognized gives security. And without security, no happiness. But it’s also important to have the freedom to do what I can do and see a purpose in it. To be happy, i must accept, recognize and be allowed to live emotions. Also the negative ones.

You are a glucks teacher. How did you come up with the idea and how do you actually become one??

In my work as a masseuse I have a lot to do with schoolchildren. Many of them are discouraged. I wanted to do something about it. Then i found out about the training to become a happiness teacher and completed the one-year training at the fritz schubert institute in heidelberg. Since september 2018, i have been in charge of the "glucks-AG".

What do students learn in the glucks-AG??

In the happiness group the students should learn how a successful life works. It’s also about dealing with frustration, disappointment or stress. In the happiness group they learn this with mindfulness and breathing exercises.

What does this look like in concrete terms??

The french writer nicolas chamfort said: "it is difficult to find happiness within ourselves, and it is quite impossible to find it elsewhere." therefore, the first task is always: write down what you are good at and what makes you tick. The school teachers have to think long and hard about this. When I was asked "what can you not do?", they were able to fill in several lines at once. Even adults find it difficult to name their talents and gifts. I want to make the strongest of the students stronger so that the weakest become weaker. Later we move on to the schoolchildren’s dreams and goals: "what do i want for the school year?? What do I want to change in my life??" every child has different fears and worries. For one it is, for example, being overweight, for the other it is the school grades.

How does the glucks-AG help these students deal with these worries??

I would like to convey to the students that they always have the chance to change something through their own efforts. From earthling to creator, so to speak. You should learn that it can be luck to get from a four to a three by your own efforts. I wanted to counteract the attitude of "I can’t do it anyway" I could do more without having to be perfect".

Why do schoolchildren come to the glucks-AG?

I think the schoolchildren want to come to terms with themselves and life. They have a penchant for questioning life. And they like to come back. The students experience a positive community in the glucks-AG. Auberdem is already to recognize his own strong.

Should happiness become a school subject?

Luck is already a compulsory subject at over a hundred schools in germany. Through the subject, the class community is strengthened and the relationship with each other is challenged. Every schoolboy likes to learn when he feels accepted. When discouraged, it gets harder. The teacher also learns a lot about himself during training. It would be a good thing if the principals realized this and sent the teachers to training. Regardless of whether the school subject is introduced or not.

In conclusion: what is your ultimate happiness tip??

Our time here is limited. Ask yourself: how do you want to live this time? The best answer: healthy and happy. If not healthy, then at least happy. The questions were asked by jona gebhard

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