The pool remains empty

The pool remains empty

At short notice, the municipal council, representatives of the fire department and the school administration were invited to the school swimming hall on monday evening by mayor karsten fischkal () in order to learn facts about the ceiling damage in the swimming hall from the structural engineer of the engineering office for structural engineering welker, michael welker, and from sebastian berger of the municipal technical building office and to discuss the further procedure.

"It's about the safety of our children, so we can't take any risks", says fischkal, who had already closed the swimming hall on friday afternoon. After janitor marco boco discovered the sagging ceiling, architectural firm harald fuchs and structural engineer michael welker were commissioned to investigate the damage.

Safety has top priority. Swimming lessons can therefore no longer take place with immediate effect until further notice. Principal christina noth spoke up: "the indoor swimming pool is a unique selling point for adelsdorf. All the children are learning to swim and i am very sorry that swimming lessons have to be cancelled. The children are also very sad", she explains. "Think of the children and please try to repair the damage as soon as possible." this was promised by the mayor and the municipal councils.

Not only the schoolchildren from adelsdorf, but also the schoolchildren from hemhofen, the swimming schools and the VHS courses are affected. Since the swimming lessons are always held parallel to the gymnastics lessons, there are now problems: where to put the children?

Naturally, the councillors wanted more detailed information about the damage and welker also explained what he had found out so far on the basis of pictures he had taken in the afternoon.

A carpenter was hired to open the gable roof, and welker worked his way through the insulation from above to the board truss construction. Nailboard ties are placed every 90 centimeters. The boards are only 2.4 centimeters thick, which was common in the past. Three adjacent nailboard trusses are broken and others are sagging.

The top of the ceiling is broken and what is with the substructure, still needs to be investigated. This is not possible to answer at the moment, because it is a very unusual construction.

In order to clarify the further procedure, however, everything must be examined very precisely once again together with the architect. Also the costs, which come on the municipality, can not yet be named.

Concerned councilors urged that the roof of the adjacent gymnasium be examined as well, as it dates from the same time period. Sebastian berger has already been active in the small gymnasium: "there are no visible deflections whatsoever." but also here will be investigated in more detail.

The question also arose whether the other school roofs needed to be inspected as well. They are built differently in terms of statics, but they still want to take a closer look at them. Here also the fire department with the turntable ladder is asked to the employment. It is clear that the renovation will be difficult and the costs high. "The important thing now is to resume swimming operations as quickly as possible", says Fischkal.

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