60 Years with the schutzen

60 years with the schutzen

Rottenbach – rolf griebel has been a member of the rottenbach guardian association for 60 years. For this he was congratulated by the 1. Schutzenmeisterin renate schramm on behalf of the entire community and presented him with the golden honorary pin of the bayerischer sportschutzenbund for 60 years of membership.
The 93-year-old jubilarian founded the church on 17. June 1954 together with the brewery owner alfred meyer ("furst") the SV rottenbach. "At that time we still shot with small caliber in the ditch on the meadows near the sports rang. This was our shooting range until it was no longer allowed", rolf griebel remembers. He likes to protect "there's just a good community there", supplemented it.
Until 1995, the honored was an active rifle and later pistol guard, was even guard king and is particularly pleased that in the anniversary year of his membership, of all things, daughter christine gensel leads the association as guard queen. Renate schramm thanked rolf griebel for his long loyalty to the association and wished him continued good health. 

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