The mainbernheim carnival took us back to the 70s

The actual highlight of the evening was an award. For ten years now, heidi strobach and her team have been organizing the carnival in the margraviate town of mainbernheim. Harald monch, of all "august" is still with TSV for a long time. His merits were celebrated in style at the cap evening on saturday. He was declared carnival prince and got a big medal for it.

Fanfares announced his entry into the hall. He sabbed in a "golden chariot" as befits his status, still visibly moved by this happy surprise. Princess melanie was waiting for him on the stage. He did not expect that. No one had told him. "I just do what's necessary", he said modestly. And he does a lot for the club – he was also constantly on the road on the evening of the cap. And if the audience should show itself mude, he provided to late hour still for the correct applause.

The local actors had also earned it honestly. The town council of mainbernheim was the favorite topic of the evening. The moderator frank siemers had already buried the numerous city council members accordingly: "you must feel really comfortable among fools, right??" of course, the well-known topics of the city were in the foreground.

The "power woman (pronounced in french: farmer's wife) alias thomas pfeiffer had brought timo lechner on stage for musical reinforcement. With a great blues voice and guitar, he soon got the audience singing: "i'm already, i'm smart, i'm a woman". I want to have a say in berna – win something in the election."

The lack of a women's quota in the city council was a leitmotif of the evening, which was also discussed by the "secco sisters" was recorded. Siggi oechsner, susanne bergner and angie gaubitz had prepared a great act in which almost no one recognized them under their long, blond wigs and tight pink overalls. Unfortunately, the evening had been delayed by the pensioner band "cadillac's" very long drawn out. Maybe that was the reason why the director did not have any music to go with the songs of the "secco sisters" was found. The madels improvised where they could, even sang "a cappella".

Richie, wolfi, freddy and klausi had the group "cadillac's" in the 60's grounded. Since the theme of the evening was the 60s and 70s, richard gaubitz, wolfgang wiegner, fred muller and klaus petsch got out their instruments once again and proved that they can still play rock'n'roll and twist.

Burgermeister klein as a schoolboy
So that the program didn't come to a complete standstill, a well-known schoolboy was brought forward without further ado. With short pants and a weird face, a disguised voice and a lisping tongue, it was almost impossible to recognize the mayor of rodelsee, burkhard klein. He was one of the "stars, who had come to mainbernheim from out of town.

In the first part of the evening was the "pensioner" wolfgang duringer from goch wolfgang duringer from gochsheim was a treat to listen to: "i am now in the dosverein… Do dos, do dos. But i am also a wife's wife: go there, go there…" the jokes also became more severe, but his performance remained undoubtedly the most entertaining one.
The newly founded TSV show dance group made its debut in their town during the various dance performances. Those who had held out until well after midnight were rewarded with a great performance by the mannerballett. For choreography and training heidi strobach got deserved applause.

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