Health pilot in bad kissingen: from spa treatment to rehabilitation

health pilot in bad kissingen: from spa treatment to rehabilitation

Health pilot of the bayerische staatsbad gmbh bad kissingen – this is sabine schmidt’s new job since the summer. They advise guests during their stay and sometimes even before it. "I do not recommend, but only advise and show what is available for selection", she stressed. During the consultation, the health visitor refers to the reason for the stay, for example, and researches options that meet the guest’s needs. Afterwards, the latter chose from the possibilities what appealed to him best. For example, if a guest comes to her in need of an outpatient spa treatment, she finds out the necessary information for him.

The woman from bad kissingen was already oriented toward the health care industry at a very early age. After an internship, she completed her training as a medical assistant in a rehabilitation clinic in the city and then went on to study health claims. After that it was clear to her that she wanted to continue working in the health sector.

Her day-to-day work as a health pilot includes not only providing advice, but also research work and maintaining and optimizing a health network. This network has already been established in a three-year research project. The result is a database that contains offers from the health industry in bad kissingen. To further expand this database, she is contacting doctors and clinics.

Focus on local remedies

Schmidt mostly works in her office and does the background work and research there. She responds to many requests for consultations in writing or by phone. She is also often in the tourist information office in the arcade building to give advice directly at the counter.

The work at the fountain bar is also very important to the health pilot. She wanted to focus more on natural remedies: "I think that bad kissingen has a great treasure with its healing springs", says schmidt. The health resort stands for mental health and the dispensing of medicinal water offers the guests something special. It’s a way to get away from the stress of everyday life and find time for herself. She likes the job and the working environment very much. She has now been through all the departments at staatsbad gmbh and learned her tasks. "I have been well trained by all the colleagues, they are always open for questions". What she also likes about her work is that she can pass on her knowledge and help people. She also likes the versatility and the contact with people.

Interest in the health care system is a prerequisite for the profession of a health care pilot. The necessary knowledge about bad kissingen and what the health resort stands for is an advantage in order to be able to organize appointments well and keep track of the health industry. Empathy is important, because a health counsellor occasionally has to deal with serious strokes of fate and illnesses: "some of the issues are really sensitive."

But schmidt also has some pleasant experiences in her day-to-day work. "When I had my first personal consultation and the lady left happy and satisfied", she says. These are high points where she realizes how much she can help and support the guests.

By the way, there are differences between the counseling sessions with guests from the surrounding area and guests from outside the area. People from here were asking more specific questions. For example, to a specialist or a long-term sports program. Guests from further away were more likely to ask about services for a shorter period of time, such as a rehabilitation measure.

Health pilot

Database the three-year research project "implementation of a health pilot to support and accompany spa patients and health guests in bad kissingen" was requested by the bavarian state ministry for health and care.

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