Draisaitl: season-ending doesn’t deprive me of sleep

Draisaitl: season-ending doesn't deprive me of sleep

Leon draisaitl doesn’t let the possibility of a season ending in the NHL get him out of his funk. The edmonton oilers forward is the first german professional ice hockey player to become the top scorer in the world’s strongest league.

That the coronavirus womoglich blocks the chance, he takes calmly. In an interview with the german press agency, the 24-year-old kolner talks about his training, his dog bowie and games without spectators.

How are you?

Leon draisaitl: good so far. My family, me – we are all healthy. That is of course the most important thing. But of course it’s getting a bit boring, but that’s how it is for everyone.

What do they miss most at the moment??

Draisaitl: my job is simple, playing field hockey, that’s what i miss the most.

What do your days look like now?

Draisaitl: there is no completely fixed daily routine. I get up, walk my dog, then I work out at home. I have a weight room at home in the basement. Then actually relatively little is done the rest of the day.

What is the corona situation in edmonton and what are the rules??

Draisaitl: i think it’s relatively similar to what’s going on in germany. Restaurants and things like that are not really open anymore, you can only order and pick up, that’s it. Here, too, people try to stay indoors as much as possible. I only go out to the supermarket, for a walk with my dog – and that’s it already.

Is your dog bowie the only one who is happy right now because you have so much time for him??

Draisaitl: yes, probably (laughs). My dog is the only one who likes it just here. I sometimes play around him here at home with a bat. It’s not real exercise, but it’s fun.

Some tennis pros in the USA have their own tennis court at their disposal. Is there some kind of special permission that you are allowed to go to the rink alone??

Draisaitl: no, everything is closed here. No one can get into the hall here. We are on our own. I ride my bike and do weight training. I try to stay creative. Sometimes i train alone, sometimes i get a program from my athletic trainer, it varies. I just try to stay fit as best I can.

The season is interrupted since the middle of march. How much do you still believe that the season will continue??

Draisaitl: we all hope of course that we can come back and finish the season. But I don’t think anyone really knows what the plan is right now. We have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed that somehow it might still work out.

There’s also the idea of putting the teams from the different major leagues in north america into quarantines and having them play in the same city. What do you think of this?

Draisaitl: there are several scenarios that are discussed here. But I can’t say what will happen. And if there are games without spectators, so be it. But actually the fans are just part of it. That makes the sport special.

How will it feel to pick up the bat again sometime weeks later?

Draisaitl: it will be a strange feeling if it will happen like that. I think it will take time for everyone to get back to normal strength and form.

You’re playing an outstanding season, are on track to become top scorer, first german. How much of an opportunity were they robbed of when the season was canceled?

Draisaitl: that would be a pity of course. But it’s not like it’s keeping me up at night. At the moment there are just more important things. Of course it would be a pity, but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

If it didn’t work out this season, would next year’s goal be to become the league’s top scorer??

Draisaitl: yes, of course, i think that’s something that every offensive player wants to do or aspires to a little bit. But it’s a team sport, and for me, too, the main thing is to win games and be successful as a team.

The last few days have been overshadowed, their teammate colby cave died of a brain hemorrhage at only 25 years old.

Draisaitl: this is just sad. He was a very, very fine guy, a fine boy who came to the gym with a smile every day. There are no right words for it at the moment.

About him: the former top talent has become one of the best players in the world. The 24-year-old son of former german national player peter draisaitl was drafted third overall by the edmonton oilers in the 2014 nhl draft – the annual allocation of transfer rights to the best players of a junior year. Never before had a german achieved this. With 110 points, draisaitl is the clear leader in the NHL scorer standings, ahead of his teammate connor mcdavid (97).

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