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"Learning with head, heart and hand is the motto of the montessori school mitwitz. In order to make the students strong for life, the school not only focuses on pedagogical quality, but also teaches the young people skills for coping with everyday life. This concept is convincing more and more parents, as was shown by the pleasing results at the members’ meeting of the montessori association in and around kronach.

The school has grown again: to 327 students, 100 of them in the elementary school and 203 in the secondary school in mitwitz, as well as 24 in the montessori technical high school (MOS) in kronach, as oliver salomon, board member for school development, reported. With 66 employees, it is now a medium-sized company. To ensure that the children and young people from the districts of kronach, lichtenfels, coburg, kulmbach and sonneberg get to class on time in the mornings, the school has set up twelve bus routes. With the offer of the MOS the last building block for the realization of the vision to accompany the children with montessori pedagogy up to the high school graduation was set, emphasized salomon.

Gerhard herrmann, member of the board of management for public relations, emphasized how important it is to educate people with values in addition to providing education. Education of the heart makes people immune to the authoritarian thinking that is becoming more and more widespread. This was recently confirmed by a study by the university of leipzig.

Barbara daumann, member of the board of directors responsible for the school, spoke about the certification as a kneipp school, while evelyn heil, member of the board of directors responsible for ecology, spoke about health education. Fresh food is cooked daily for 300 students and teachers. The kitchen, for which new employees were hired, is so popular that it is also used by the neighboring elementary school of the regular school.

Finally, the team of padagogues led by director mathias schmitt and managing director gudrun jersch-bittermann was also applauded.

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