A serious traffic accident occurred on the A 3 near biebelried on monday afternoon. After several trucks, a car transporter and a car collided, the road ubersate with trummern had to be closed in the direction of frankfurt until after midnight. No one was injured in the accident.

Cause of accident still unclear

As reported by the police, at around 15.20 o'clock on the high of the junction rottendorf several vehicles on each other. In addition to a car transporter and a truck, three semitrailers and a car were also involved in the accident, police say.

New traffic lights: adelsdorf's mayor calls for improvements

The resurfacing of the roadway on the B470 between the a3 exit hochstadt-ost and the eastern turnoff to adelsdorf has been completed. At the freeway exit, a new traffic light system ensures more safety. Another set of traffic lights is also to do the same at the intersection with the staggered junctions of the ERH 16 circular road. Here, however, the traffic is obviously not yet running smoothly.

Cars are in the way

"Something has to happen soon, adelsdorf’s mayor karsten fischkal () calls for a change of direction, especially in view of the left turn lane coming from hochstadt in the direction of adelsdorf. At red lights, traffic is always backed up so far that drivers who want to turn left come to a standstill even in the straight-ahead lane. If vehicles approach from behind, whose drivers want to drive through the traffic light that is showing green at the same time, the left-turning vehicles are in their way.

After the shell of the new fire station in kemmern already gives a good idea of what the building will look like, the planning of the outdoor facilities is already on the agenda. The design for this – including a possible new location for the waste container – has now been presented to the municipal council.
Linda rosch and paul rosch from rosch-schubert-hanisch-architekten presented the plans. The court area and the parking lots will receive an asphalt layer, on the ground planting beds for native shrubs and grasses as well as lawns will be established. Also, the barrier will be planted with native plants, four trees will be planted on the ground. A bypass of the building is also planned, but this is to be reserved for exceptional cases and will therefore only be lightly paved and planted with grass. For the exit of the fire engines, a tree along the road "langacker" falls down. In addition, there will be an access road for cars in the north.

Rates give green light

This execution, which is coordinated with the fire department execution, was decided unanimously by the community council. Linda rosch also showed a possibility of accommodating the refuse container, which is currently located at the cemetery, south of the fire department. It would be possible to lower it a little bit, so that a more comfortable throwing of the grass becomes possible. Mayor rudiger gerst (CSU) stressed that this was only a study, this planning did not come to fruition for the time being. Rosch estimated costs of around 80000 euros for the plant.
In another item on the agenda, johanna beck from the strunz planning group presented the development of the leingraben stichweg. "So far we only have a provisional building here", according to mayor gerst. At the request of and in consultation with the participants, the options were discussed in advance
has been.
Since the project is a development, the residents have to pay for 90 percent of the costs. The road is to be paved with morainesplit asphalt, which will bring it into line with the roads that have already been redesigned as part of the redevelopment of the town center, according to beck. At the end of the cul-de-sac, a small grassy area with shell limestone edging was installed. Paving the road was also discussed, but this would have been much more expensive than removing the asphalt.

Backward walk in front of the judge

A businesswoman from the city of wurzburg is said to have transferred the trade in imported used cars, mainly from the USA, to the district in order to be able to use the services of a corrupt official in the registration office of the wurzburg district office.
All is not true, said the 31-year-old on wednesday before the district court first to the accusations of the prosecution. She has since left the car trade and now types for 320 euros a month as a part-time employee at a lawyer's office.

Cars young made