Accident on a3 near wurzburg: hours of traffic jammed on monday

A serious traffic accident occurred on the A 3 near biebelried on monday afternoon. After several trucks, a car transporter and a car collided, the road ubersate with trummern had to be closed in the direction of frankfurt until after midnight. No one was injured in the accident.

Cause of accident still unclear

As reported by the police, at around 15.20 o'clock on the high of the junction rottendorf several vehicles on each other. In addition to a car transporter and a truck, three semitrailers and a car were also involved in the accident, police say.

According to the current state of the police investigation, the driver of the car transporter had first struck a car in the left lane with his vehicle when changing from the right lane to the middle lane, so that the car skidded into the central guardrail. After that, the truck crashed into other vehicles and finally fell onto the side together with the loaded cars.

Freeway to frankfurt completely closed

The highway had to be completely closed in the direction of frankfurt. Since the damaged vehicles and the associated field of traffic stretched across all three lanes, the recovery operations were difficult and extensive. The block lasted until 0.50 o'clock.

No one was injured in the accident. The rescue service was on the scene and the local fire departments also supported the work of the police actively.

No detailed statement can be made on the extent of the damage at this time. Police estimate that the damage will amount to several hundred thousand euros.

Traffic jams in the city of wurzburg as well

The wurzburg-biebelried traffic police department is responsible for recording the accident. The wurzburg police were also on duty to regulate traffic at the greinberg junction, among other things. Despite immediately initiated detour and detour measures, a long tailback formed on the highway. Traffic obstructions in the city of wurzburg also tested the patience of motorists on monday evening, the police reported.

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