Backward walk in front of the judge

Backward walk in front of the judge

A businesswoman from the city of wurzburg is said to have transferred the trade in imported used cars, mainly from the USA, to the district in order to be able to use the services of a corrupt official in the registration office of the wurzburg district office.
All is not true, said the 31-year-old on wednesday before the district court first to the accusations of the prosecution. She has since left the car trade and now types for 320 euros a month as a part-time employee at a lawyer's office.

Cars young made

According to the indictment, the man in the district office accommodated her in 13 ways: by bringing forward the first registration of used cars and thus making them younger, by exchanging tuv examinations and manipulating the damage class. For this, the woman had received a penalty order in the amount of 10,800 euros by mail. That was, said prosecutor dr. Reinhold emmert, another kind of "peace offering to end the matter without an oral hearing. But if, after taking evidence and questioning witnesses, it turns out that everything is true, it will be more expensive. And the judge added: what is in the extensive file speaks for the fact that the accusation of the prosecution is true.
If someone cheated, according to the woman, it was the head of the workshop who looked after her import vehicles and also arranged the registration. At his urging, she had opened a branch office in the district, because he allegedly had a better connection to the district administration office than to the wurzburg city administration. She had "noticed" that an employee of the district office, who has been in custody for months on charges of bribery, had been in her business partner's workshop relatively often, but thought nothing of it: they are from the same place and know each other well, even an employee of the district office is allowed to have friends in his free time, said the defendant, at that time still self-confident and arguing without a lawyer in the direction of acquittal.
But, the prosecutor said, of the 13 cases charged, the defendant alone benefited. Why should someone else make false entries at the district office without her knowledge, when he himself has nothing to do with it?? Then he "built a bridge" for the defendant: when he had requested 180 daily sentences of 60 euros each in the penalty order, he had not known that the former used car dealer now only earns 320 euros a month. He was prepared to correct the fine requested. He stays with the requested 180 daily rates, but reduces the daily rate to 20 euro.

3 600 instead of 10 800 euro fine

The defendant was there: under the circumstances, she "swallowed" the acquittal she had initially sought the prosecution and was sentenced to a fine of only 3,600 euros. To be continued – against the owner of a car repair shop and his good acquaintance, who was employed at the registration office of the district office in wurzburg and is alleged to have mislaid vehicles by making false entries over a period of years. The workshop owner often did not go to the district administration office himself when it came to registering used vehicles, the defendant reported on wednesday. His buddy had picked up the documents at the workshop and brought them back. The former employee of the district office is in custody, the workshop owner continues to repair the car.

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