Variable cloudiness with isolated showers

Variable cloudiness with isolated showers

During the day, the band of precipitation will advance a little further east, but weaken especially in the north, so that it will remain mostly dry in the northeast until the evening.

In the afternoon and evening it snows mostly only at the alps and in the southeast. However, only a few centimeters of new snow are expected. Otherwise it is alternately cloudy with individual snow, rain and sleet showers, preferably in the northwest. The highs are in the east and southeast around or slightly below freezing point, otherwise between 0 and 5 degrees, in the west at lower levels around 7 degrees. Weak to moderate winds, on the coast partly fresh, in the east from the southeast, otherwise from the southeast.

In the night to saturday snow still falls south of the danube and in eastern bavaria. There may be up to 10 centimeters of new snow in the alps. Otherwise, cloud cover varies, with clear patches in some areas. In the west and northwest there are showers, which fall in the lowlands partly as snow, partly as rain, in the mountains generally as snow. In the extreme west and northwest, as well as on the upper rhine, it remains barely frost-free. Otherwise, light to moderate frost between 0 and -7 degrees, with the coldest in the east.

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