Wallenfels (sd) kindergarten children commemorated their patron saint – devotion in honor of saint joseph celebrated within the framework of the church jubilee

The celebrations for the 150th anniversary. Church jubilee room of the parish church st. Thomas also arrived at the education center (biz). The kindergarten in wallenfels is under the protection of st. Joseph, which also gave it the name "kindergarten st. Joseph". Josef" has given. And that is why, on the day of commemoration of st. Joseph, it was written. Joseph all under the sign of this great saint. Together with their teachers and father jan poja, the children buried the numerous guests at the education center (biz) to celebrate the devotion with them. "It's just great that you're here" sounded bright children's voices through the room. Father jan poja asked the children if they knew who saint joseph was. And the preschoolers were quick with their answers. "Joseph was a carpenter", "he was the husband of mary" and "he protected his wife and son from many dangers", that came like a shot from a pistol. After the daily prayer the melody of "he holds the whole world in his hand" sounded, however, the children had rehearsed a new text "you were a good father – thank you". In his sermon, father jan referred in particular to the popularity of the name joseph in earlier times and said that it was a pity that this name was increasingly being forgotten.

After the song "god's love is so wonderful", the kindergarten team, led by susanne zanker, offered the prayers of the fours and prayed especially for the children, the parents and for all those who are not doing so well. The children and adults showed unity during the common "our father" and held each other's hands. Before the blessing by father jan, eva-maria seiboth-muller, chairwoman of the parents' council, thanked the children, the team and the priest for organizing the service. She cordially invited all guests to a small snack.

There was a surprise when father jan presented a wooden statue of the holy mother of god with the baby jesus and the kindergarten's namesake, saint joseph. The figures used to stand in the old kindergarten in the gries and are now given a place of honor in the new facility.

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