Sometimes modern, sometimes traditional

sometimes modern, sometimes traditional

Once again, the city youth band of kulmbach and the rugendorf village music ensured a full house at their joint spring concert. The two orchestras presented the friends of brass music in weisath’s feststadl in zettlitz with acoustic delicacies – somewhat more modern for the youth, more traditional for the village music.

The work of harald streit is worthy of recognition, who with the youth band is a perpetual "construction site" ahead of him. Everything is in flux: the older ones leave, the younger ones follow suit. For the city youth band, the concert in zettlitz was also the dress rehearsal for the next competition on 25 may. May. Two not at all easy pieces will be played by the kulmbachers there: "the new village, a concertante painting about a holland village, with many tempo changes, which therefore demands clean intonation. In addition, a "new baroque suite", which is reminiscent of baroque orchestra suites and sometimes comes across as a bit ostentatious, in the slow movement strongly reminiscent of bach’s "air" recalls and in the third movement a fugue and a double fugue spins on in a rather swinging way.

Mysterious box

The other pieces sounded more relaxed: "something stupid", "best of falco or the charleston "ice cream". Besides a cross-section of compositions by herb albert for which especially the trumpets were grateful. The high point was probably the so-called "kuckucks-polka. Two "particularly strong" trucks were dragging under the load musicians brought in a mysterious box that contained the soloist’s entire instrumentarium: a small cuckoo whistle and an even smaller bird chirping whistle, on which jonathan lormes shone – of course only and exclusively according to the conductor’s instructions from orchestra leader harald streit.

Even if this "solo was more of a musical spab, eleven year old jonathan lormes proved to be a promising musical talent as one of the percussionists of the youth band.

The second part of the concert was played by the rugendorf dorfmusik under volker pohlmann in a routine, but musically very expressive manner. The brass orchestra is characterized by very precise clarinets and fifes, powerful but unobtrusive trumpets, rich horns and a discreet, but sustainable bass.

The dot on the i

Ernst mosch would certainly have been just as taken with the soft bohemian sounds as benny andersson with the brass version of his abba hits. Brilliant soloists put the dot on the i.

With the march "through beautiful franconia the two orchestras decided to play together at the brass band festival in zettlitz. And during the "frankenlied" march eventually one or the other in the audience even sang along fervently.

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