Police draws positive balance

Police draws positive balance

The corona pandemic apparently also kept the halloween spirits in check on sunday night. According to the police prasidium of central franconia, the officers in the individual police stations were able to draw a positive balance. There have also been no incidents worth reporting in hochstadt and herzogenaurach.

On friday, the police had still asked the population to act prudently and reasonably in connection with the halloween customs. This appeal was apparently overwhelmingly accepted.

Against the backdrop of the developing pandemic, the police prasidium of central franconia had requested that, in order to avoid further infections, the pulling from tur to tur in the sense of "subes oder sures" (subes or sours), to reconsider.

Without contact

Overall, the police notes that the majority of the population, due to the special challenges, refrained from this way of celebrating halloween. Small ghosts occasionally wandered through the streets with their parents and, thanks to individually devised hygiene concepts, managed to get hold of individual, yet coveted, subes – without any contact at all.

In connection with halloween, there were hardly any calls for service or damage to property. In the whole of central franconia, only seven incidents of damage to property were reported, most of them involving minor damage.

A party ended

A halloween party was ended by the police inspection nurnberg-west. Residents complained of loud noise coming from an apartment in witschelstrabe shortly after midnight on sunday morning. The arriving patrol then found 29 people of a halloween party in an apartment. The party was broken up and the 29 people are now facing charges for violating the infectious disease law.

There were no other operations worth mentioning. Against this background, the police would like to thank the people for their responsible and prudent behavior.

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