Hallerndorf messages from the beyond

Hallerndorf messages from the beyond

In the current play of the hallerndorfer theater group, the actual star is not on stage at all. That's because pastor matthias steffel has slipped into a very special guest role. As a long gone uncle, he recorded his will on video.

In his message, which is presented on a canvas, he addresses the heirs-to-be. All of whom, of course, are already greedily eyeing the inheritance – and whose more than dubious character traits the dead man, of course, knew only too well during his lifetime. His last will and testament turns out to be a will in the literal sense – because there is no inheritance to distribute.

All the more the greedy relatives run the risk of making themselves ridiculous for all time. In the video message recorded before the performance, pastor matthias steffel shows off all his acting talent. Time in direct address to the "mourners", he also sometimes forbids the mouth from the beyond. Or also with an almost dirty and nasty laugh.

At his dinner table, while at the same time lecturing his family, he indulges in his bread, beer and schnapps.The spectators could hardly keep their seats any longer, they fell into roaring laughter one after the other. Steffel had played the barberly heir too well.

Don't have to ask for long
"Uncle Hermann and the plunderhosen" the F-theater group presented the light-hearted comedy in three acts in six sold-out evenings in the hall of the rittmayer brewery inn. The actors were also able to celebrate a small anniversary: their 20th birthday. Stucco in the 20. Year. Steffel himself had been dreaming for a long time about being on stage with the hallerndorf theater group. "But so far it has always failed because of the time that pastor steffel had to spend on it", explains cacilia dick.

But the role, which was recorded on video, fit perfectly. "We didn't have to ask him for long,", said dick. Earlier, steffel had been on stage in his hometown scheblitz every now and then. "But now, as a pastor, it is impossible to play on several evenings", said steffel. His small but effective performance in hallerndorf was therefore all the more enjoyable for him.

With his too tight fire department uniform, the crooked mug and the beard, many in the audience probably didn't even recognize him at first. "I did not believe that he is", murmured some visitors. And a young female spectator from the bamberg area simply wished for "such a cool pastor" for her parish as well.

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