Armin uhl wins in the heavy boys’ division

Armin uhl, head of the weightlifting department of the kitzinger kraftsportverein (KSV), is not only a functionary, but also a trainer and a strongman who has been lifting heavy weights for almost 20 years. Now the former german youth champion has added another chapter to his series of successes: the bavarian men’s championship title.

Uhl’s traditional weight class now extends to 89 kilograms following the reclassification of classes. He weighed in at exactly 89.2 kilograms at the title bouts in schweinfurt, germany. "That was also the intention. So i avoided the rodinger gregor nowara in the class up to 96 kilograms."

Well prepared, the 29-year-old started the competition with 120 kilograms in the first friction attempt. After the second attempt with 125 kilograms, uhl increased to 130 kilograms, which gave him an eight-kilogram lead over his competitor daniel moll from the kraftclub am lech.

In the second part of the discipline, the push, he only started after his three competitors had already finished their competition. Now he could go his own tactic and go in at 150 kilograms. For his other two attempts, he liked to put on five kilograms more each, which in the end meant 160 kilograms and gave him the title with a rough lead. "Six gilt in six attempts, that was pretty decent," says uhl.

Now he starts preparing for the german championships in obrigheim in december. The first bronze medal for a KSV lifter at a german championship was a huge success for the native of albertshofen last year. "By then i can get to 300 kilograms," says uhl, whose best mark is 301 kilograms and who has ambitions for more german precious metal.

In addition to this competition, uhl’s focus is on the team matches in the first national league. Soon the kitzinger will enter his seventh season for the renowned AC mutterstadt, with whom he won the bronze medal in last season’s championship final.

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