“Dual training important right now”

Spring is usually the time of the year for vocational orientation events, placement of apprenticeship places and application processes in the companies. But this year, the topic of training and applying for an apprenticeship has taken a back seat for many school leavers. Another factor is added: because many companies are driving on sight or even fighting for survival due to economic uncertainties, training has been partially reduced. The insurance and finance sector stands out positively here with an eight percent increase in apprenticeships.

Training secures skilled workers

IHK president friedrich herdan knows many good reasons for keeping up the commitment to training, especially in the current difficult situation: dual vocational training is the best personnel recruiting instrument. In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, those who provide training have the security of being able to draw on suitable junior staff who are precisely qualified to meet the respective company requirements. "Even though our companies are currently struggling with a lack of orders, short-time work and liquidity bottlenecks, we will be dependent on skilled workers in the future, all the more so to be able to get off to a strong start following the crisis. I therefore appeal to our companies to create apprenticeships and take on trainees, not least in order to be able to react quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the world of work and professions, because the trainees are taught the appropriate skills for this."

Help for training companies

The president of the chamber of commerce and industry refers to aid programs such as the training bonus from the federal government’s economic stimulus package: companies (limited to 249 employees) that maintain the number of training places they offer this year compared to the previous three years receive a one-time bonus of 2,000 euros for each newly concluded training contract. If companies increase their supply of apprenticeships, they will be paid 3000 euros for each additional apprenticeship contract. Companies that take on trainees from insolvent companies also receive 3,000 euros per trainee.

"The above-mentioned amounts represent a considerable support, which is put into perspective in view of the actual training costs, but such considerations must not be in the foreground, because training is an investment in the future for our companies", makes friedrich herdan clear. "However, there is already a shortcoming in the bonus draw, because a large proportion of our training companies are excluded from it due to the number of employees over 249."

"Career with apprenticeship"

The president of the chamber of commerce and industry appeals to young people and their parents to take a closer look at the possibilities of dual vocational training, because in recent weeks the application process in many areas has been cut back due to special hygiene regulations because of corona. Therefore, it is important to use the remaining time until the start of training to inform oneself and to apply.

A global role model for education

There are currently 561 open apprenticeship positions in the coburg district of the chamber of industry and commerce (see info box). "Our dual vocational training is a successful model and a worldwide educational example, and the state-recognized qualification is regarded as a "seal of quality", emphasizes herdan. The combination of practical learning in the company’s work process and the teaching of theory in vocational school forms the optimum basis for a "career with an apprenticeship, according to specific personal abilities and inclinations. Another important aspect is the training allowance, which, in contrast to university studies, makes it possible to lead a self-determined life at an early stage.

Support from the chamber

In addition to tried-and-tested support measures such as the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) apprenticeship exchange, training scouts and follow-up placement campaigns for unsuccessful applicants, the coburg chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) is currently offering a new measure: the so-called matching procedure. In the first step, the companies were asked about the training positions that were still available. The next step is a virtual speed dating session to present the unsuccessful applicants with training opportunities that match their profiles. Such a comparison should also be used to place apprentices who cannot continue their training with their previous employer due to corona with other training companies.

"The slump in the apprenticeship market is very clear this year. Hopefully this is just a snapshot and there is good reason to expect that the numbers will change by the start of the training year and that the bottom line will be better", hopes the IHK president. In addition, it should be taken into account that the coburg companies have continuously increased their training performance in recent years, because it was recognized that this was the best way to secure the next generation of skilled workers. Herdan: "this takes us from a relatively high level directly into crisis mode."

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