“Everyone should be happy to go to school”

Silke schmitt will be appointed on 1. September, ben ammar will succeed helga brauner as head of the sud elementary school in hochstadt. Parents, teachers and children are already very excited about the job. The new principal told the FT in advance about her life and work to date and how she envisages working in hochstadt.

How did you get to the head of the sud elementary school??

Silke schmitt: I graduated from high school in herzogenaurach and studied at the university of bamberg. I spent my traineeship in herzogenaurach. After that I spent some years in upper bavaria. After returning from upper bavaria, i worked for two years at the small school in etzel skirchen, which belongs to the anton wolker school. Then i spent six years in herzogenaurach at the carl-platz-schule. For the last three years, i was the second deputy headmistress there. Since 2006, I have also worked in school counseling as a counselor teacher. I am married and have two children (ten and seven years old).

Why did you become a teacher?

I was involved in a lot of church youth work when i was a youngster. There I noticed that working with children makes me grob spab. And that's how my career aspiration came about, namely to bring children closer to the basics and to accompany them in an important phase of their lives.

What are your favorite subjects?

Music and german.

What prompted you to apply for the position of school principal??

After working in a school administration for a few years, I wanted to take on the responsibility myself. How did you feel when you were actually selected??

I was very happy.

Did you want to do something special at the school that was new to you, or is everything okay??

The school in hochstadt-sud is an active school with a great school life and lots of atmosphere. I will of course contribute there with my possibilities.

What is important to you in school life?

Having come from a school counseling background, I believe that school is a place where everyone – children, parents and teachers – feels welcome and accepted.

What do you want for yourself and the school in the future??

That we all work together to meet the challenges that lie ahead. And that everyone – students and teachers – will continue to enjoy going to school. The interview was conducted by Johanna Blum.

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