“Schrager guy” had a wheel off

Several motorists who were driving on highway 3 in the direction of regensburg on monday evening called the erlangen traffic police after they were hit by a "schrager had attracted the attention of the public. The officers spotted the 40-ton truck in question just before the aurach rest area and directed it into the parking lot. The view from behind reminded her of the leaning tower of pisa – the semitrailer tilted dangerously and threatened to tip over.

The driver, a 34-year-old romanian, was on his way from the netherlands to romania. He knew about the crooked condition of his truck, but he shrugged off the fact that a complete wheel was missing from the trailer. The fact that the two remaining wheels and hangings now had to compensate for the weight of the missing wheel was noticeable to them. The right side of the vehicle had sunk in deeply, and even the load in the trailer, which was firmly lashed down, was already leaning to one side.

The officials summarily forbade the rumanian to continue his journey. For this we had to pay about 300 euro for security service. The forwarding company had to find a breakdown service that could mount a suitable replacement wheel, only then was the man allowed to continue his journey.

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