Wurzburg: 29-year-old spreads right-wing extremist incitement on the internet

Wurzburg: 29-year-old spreads right-wing extremist incitement on the internet

It was intense what a 29 year old wrote on her google account. There were muslims with "cotters" the holocaust was denied, dark-skinned and homosexual people were denigrated, a swastika was published – and students of the woman who, according to her own statements, was doing her master's degree in archaeology at the university at the time, were called "pancake face" and "modern fascists describes.

What the prosecution accuses her of

now the 29-year-old is on trial at wurzburg district court. Incitement of the people, use of signs of unconstitutional organizations and insult the public prosecutor accuses her of.

The defendant from wurzburg makes no secret of her right-wing extremist convictions, even in the trial. "I have a problem with the refugees being here", she says. She is an athlete and hardly dares to pursue her hobby anymore "because every week a jogger rapes her" become. As far as the holocaust was concerned, she was aware that "persecution of jews had taken place". But she doubts that there were six million victims. "I study archaeology, she says "i can do factual research".

The 29-year-old also denies posting a swastika. That is a "swastika she says, a glorious symbol of hinduism. Then she claims they put "something in her mouth".
She stands by the insults of her fellow students. She had "obviously hurt feelings". And she regrets that "from the bottom of her heart". Even though the student council of the philosophy faculty at the university of wurzburg has "rallied" against her, she is still a "sportswoman", she was "lured" into "an office" and there on her "rumgehackt" HAVE.

She is no longer active on the internet

"I closed my last blog three weeks ago", she says. On facebook and the mainstream media she has been "banned for a long time". A police officer confirms that the link under which she had ranted is now being used under a different name. So far, the officer said, the woman had not been "conspicuous in the right-wing scene" at pegida or the like or the like". She also has no criminal record.

After the testimony of the police officer, the accused becomes snippy. "I have my political compass with me", she says to the judge "there I am down on the left". Then she announces that she thinks nothing of the afd and considers the greens to be "right-wing authoritarians" view.

The public prosecutor attests to the 29-year-old's "extreme right-wing views. She uses the internet "as a platform for her agitation" – and even if she "pseudo-intellectually verbramt" her publications, it is "mere agitation". His request: eight months imprisonment, suspended – and 120 hours of community service.
Stroppy response to plea

Local court sentenced her to a fine

the archaeologist reacts stroppy: "have you listened to me at all??", she asks the prosecutor "am i speaking chinese??". You have "put things right". While the judge writes the verdict, she smears her lips with gloss and looks at the clock. The district court sentences the 29-year-old to a fine of 125 daily sentences of 25 euros each, totaling 3000 euros. One daily sentence corresponds to one-thirtieth of a net monthly income. The woman had stated that she was "marginally employed" in a beauty salon "750 to 800 euros" deserve. The verdict has no legal force.

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