Already for the fifth time the circus project under the direction of marcus kohne of the "centrum mikado" takes place at the elementary school adelsdorf from weinheim instead. 133 students from all second and third grades trained every morning this week in the aischgrund hall. "They don’t just get a taste of the circus air, they dive deep into the circus world", gabi monius, principal and main organizer of this project, tells in a press release of the school.
After trying out the requisites such as plate spinning, juggling, ball rolling, unicycling and much more, the children decide on a requisite and, highly motivated, rehearse their numbers for the rough performance on friday afternoon. It demands the utmost concentration and stamina from the children. "You can experience yourself in a new way and gain new experiences", female gabi monius from the experience of the last times. Every day, up to 24 parents and relatives help out, some of whom have taken extra vacation time.
On friday, 22. June, up to 700 spectators are expected to marvel at the little artists. The event will take place from 5 p.M. To 7 p.M. In the aischgrundhalle in adelsdorf. Admission is free. Donations will be gladly accepted. The parents’ council offers pretzels and pancakes for sale before the performance.

Tobias batz: from kronach to star gastronomy

"Everything was okay? Tasted it?" tobias batz does not miss the opportunity to ask his guests in person at a late hour and after seven courses created from scratch. Shortly before midnight, he wants to know if he has actually cooked well. And that’s what the 37-year-old gourmet chef, who was born in kronach and grew up in the neustadt district of furth am berg, did. The evening was a pleasure.

Its small, breaded knuckles in particular are a hit – as guests from near and far agree. The star chef naturally grins all over his face and reveals: "they were already a big hit last summer." but not in the "restaurant alexander herrmann by tobias batz", he is not the head of the cake shop, but just around the corner at the wirsberg swimming pool. There, the gourmet chef was not too shy to often stand in the chic wooden kiosk and spoil enthusiastic children with his delicacies.

Both have big grins on their faces: 900 hp under their feet, blue skies above them, and a job that requires real guys. Sascha friedrich and frank scheuble have spent the last few days traveling with an unusual "push boat" on the main river on the main from viereth to habfurt and back again. It was not a pleasure trip with this vessel, which does not move on the water for most of its life, but is busy holding up the water. A steel fabricator from aschaffenburg, germany, has put together more than 200 tons of steel to form a so-called revision lock, which will in future do its job between viereth and rothenfels in the area of the waterway and shipping authority in schweinfurt.

Home port is habfurt, where its preganger is still moored – meanwhile already badly in the years come.

"How much storage capacity we have? Here in repperndorf around 33 million liters. But we don't need them." christian baumann is cellar master at the franken winegrowers' association (GWF) in repperndorf. And he also explains why such large storage capacities are no longer needed. "Earlier", according to the 49-year-old, "we used to store two and a half harvests in the cellar. Today, the female wine of the last vintage is usually sold straight away."

times have changed at GWF. Previously known more for large quantities than for quality, frankens grobte winzergenossenschaft now focuses more on class than on quantity. Many a storage tank remains empty. Especially when, as in 2011, the grapevines freeze and the harvest is small. It is clear that such whims of nature spoil the balance sheet of a cooperative to which 1600 winegrowers belong. However, the vast majority of them run their wineries as a sideline or as a hobby.

Backward walk in front of the judge

A businesswoman from the city of wurzburg is said to have transferred the trade in imported used cars, mainly from the USA, to the district in order to be able to use the services of a corrupt official in the registration office of the wurzburg district office.
All is not true, said the 31-year-old on wednesday before the district court first to the accusations of the prosecution. She has since left the car trade and now types for 320 euros a month as a part-time employee at a lawyer's office.

Cars young made

An office with many tasks

Designations for offices have always been associated with a certain sprode. This is no different at the office for the environment, fire and disaster control. But once the surface has been scratched open, a wide variety of tasks and areas of activity come to light: nature conservation, climate protection, waste management, immission control.

And if you go even deeper: resource conservation, ecological footprint, seasonality, fair trade and sustainability. A comprehensive task that the office has been performing for 25 years now. A review and outlook on the occasion of the anniversary was given at a ceremony at the university.

health pilot in bad kissingen: from spa treatment to rehabilitation

Health pilot of the bayerische staatsbad gmbh bad kissingen – this is sabine schmidt’s new job since the summer. They advise guests during their stay and sometimes even before it. "I do not recommend, but only advise and show what is available for selection", she stressed. During the consultation, the health visitor refers to the reason for the stay, for example, and researches options that meet the guest’s needs. Afterwards, the latter chose from the possibilities what appealed to him best. For example, if a guest comes to her in need of an outpatient spa treatment, she finds out the necessary information for him.

The woman from bad kissingen was already oriented toward the health care industry at a very early age. After an internship, she completed her training as a medical assistant in a rehabilitation clinic in the city and then went on to study health claims. After that it was clear to her that she wanted to continue working in the health sector.

Beautiful, old and steeped in history – that's the railroad station in furth. The magnificent reception building from the 19th century. Century has long time nevertheless nobody want to have. Now the bahn AG has obviously found a buyer for the central but useless building.

Around the town hall, the further are happy that the years of standstill are now probably finally soon ended. The city's economic advisor, horst muller (CSU), recently informed the city council about the pending sale. The ink under the contract is not yet dry, however. The deal will probably not be made public officially until after the summer vacations. The buyer is said to be a regional investor from furth who has already had experience with the revitalization of listed buildings. Horst muller won't reveal the name of the buyer until autumn, when the sale is official.

Grace period for messi and ozil

Spanish semi-final rivals bayern munchen and borussia dortmund are sparing several injured or exhausted stars for the champions league at home.

BVB’s opponents real madrid will travel to the away game at athletic bilbao without german international mesut ozil and other key players. With an eye on the league duel against the new german champions, FC barcelona will have to rest other regular players at real saragossa in addition to the slightly injured world footballer lionel messi.

Explosions in the auditorium

It smokes, it steams, it bangs. But the impression is that the chemistry teachers at the ehrenburg-gymnasium (EGF) in forchheim did not violate the laws of their subject in their experiments. It is instead the project seminar of the 12. Class.
A total of 20 different chemistry experiments will be presented by the schoolchildren tomorrow, 2. February, at 7 p.M. In the school hall of the EGF. "A magical journey around the world – once around the "molecule heibt the project on which the schoolchildren have been tufting for half a year. And it can get a bit noisy and foggy in the process.
The students embed their experiments in a little story. A chemist named sebaldus, played by alexander sailer, sets off in search of gold and travels the world in the process. On his journey, he meets many new people who tell him something about chemistry. "The idea came from the fact that we wanted to make chemistry more interesting", says chemistry course leader silke langenberger. The payment is based on the magic lecture of the chemistry professor rudi van eldik, from the friedrich-alexander university erlangen-nurnberg.
A total of 15 schoolchildren took part in the project seminar. The task was very simple. The schoolchildren had to set up everything on their own. This included selecting the trials, writing the script, and creating the stage design. "There will be smaller explosions and also color reaction", betrayal silke langenberger. Since the event takes place in the auditorium, the safety of the spectators must also be taken into account. We are not in the chemistry room". One experiment, for example, is the so-called volcanic explosion. Leading actor alexander sailer will meet clemens beck. In the experiment, the latter heats wax in a test tube with the aid of a gas burner . He then pours the liquid wax into cold water. Then there is a chemical reaction reminiscent of the eruption of a volcano.

Excitement rises